A Girl In My Class Showed me Belly Button Piercing & I Ended Up Getting One Myself!

Belly Button Piercing

By Jay’ln Estell

It all started back in high school, 10th grade. When a girl in class showed off her belly button ring. I saw it and was mesmerized! So much that I wanted one myself. Not entirely sure how that came to mind, but it did.

And so I did research and looked into getting one. I was so excited about getting one until I came back to reality…

I am a guy.

Since I was 16, I would have to ask for permission. Knowing my mother and the way she views/viewed things. I just had a gut feeling she was going to tell me no. And so my 17th birthday was rolling around very soon. She previously asked me what did I want for my birthday, I hadn’t given her an answer.

Many times riding in the car, I was itching to just ask her. At that time I had already learned that the worst possible scenario in asking a question is “no”. So I got brave and asked her could I have a belly button ring for my 17th birthday…

And she said no as I assumed. And I knew it and I was mad at myself for asking. Her reason was because “belly button rings are for girls”. I was sad, upset and I totally gave up the idea.

I was over dramatic, but I was a teenager!

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The Anxious Rebel

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Veronica from Bremerton, Washington. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

The Anxious Rebel's belly piercing

Free Body Jewelry

So I’d just turned 18 and my rebellious phase had just begun! 😉 My mom never approved of piercings and she certainly didn’t like when I got my ears pierced the week after my birthday. My friend and I were browsing our local Fuego with a gift card I received from my birthday.

That is when we noticed their extensive belly button ring collection. We marveled at how many there were! That is when I got an idea. I’m not the skinniest person ever, so I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off. I asked one of the employees if she thought I was skinny enough to rock it. She told me that anyone can look good in one as long as they’re confident. After that, my mind was pretty much set. 😡

The piercing place would be Lucky Boys Tattoo Parlor. I’d watch my friend get ear piercings there all of the time and the place was completely sterile and a fun environment to be in. Even better, the place was having a special on navel piercings the day I decided to go in, so it was the perfect place. My first practically dragged me there because I was so nervous. She said that she’d get her belly button done with me ❗

I promised that I’d get mine done first so I couldn’t chicken out later. That was a good decision on my part 😉

My piercer was really nice but laughed at what a spaz I was. I’d never gotten a piercing outside of my ear and I was so scared that it was going to hurt. Even worse, I was afraid that it was going to get infected and I’d have to tell my mom; which would be a death sentence. As I was freaking out, the piercer went over breathing techniques to get me to calm down because at this point I was pretty much hyperventilating. I have to say that the most painful part was the clamp. I did not feel the needle go in, I felt the clamp move when he was putting the ring in, but nothing outside of that! 🙂

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Belly Piercing Experience in Vegas

This belly button piercing video was sent in by Aleta from Vegas!

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I decided to get my belly button pierced after I got a few tattoos around there. The belly button looked a bit empty so I decided to put something down there! 😉

Belly piercing in Vegas

I got the piercing done in St Ink’s here in Vegas, and it didn’t hurt at all actually – just a very brief pinch and it wasn’t painful at all.

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Belly Piercing Time!

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Layna

Belly Piercing Time!

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My belly piercing experience was amazing! I decided to get my belly pierced because it’s a piercing that I’ve always wanted done.

I did need my parents’ permission though, and at the time I was 15, now I’m 16. I got it pierced August 3rd and once my parents signed, it became official.

I went to my hair salon that does hair, tanning, and piercings, and nails. My piercer was one of my dad’s high school friends and she is also my hair cutter. 😉 She was more than pleased to pierce my belly button.

She was so nice and reassuring about it all and it calmed my nerves. The process of my piercing was I laid back in a chair and my piercer tried the clamps, both were too big so she just did it by hand. When she did my navel, it didn’t hurt, just a slight punch. 🙂

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The Perfect Pierce!

By Marie Uvalle, Havelock, US

Belly Piercing Story

Scared, terrified, everything imaginable! 😯

I had wanted to pierce my belly button for as long as I could remember! The first time I saw one was in high school and I had wanted one since then. I was so scared to get one due to all the terrible stories my friends had told me about their experiences with getting it done.

“It hurts, it bleeds like crazy, it can get ripped out, etc.” I finally sucked it up and got it done 8 days ago. I would do it again in a heart beat. 😉

Best thing I ever did for myself, I was so proud I finally just went and did it. I got to the shop, they prepped for it, and I went back in the room. I was shaking, both nervous and excited. They told me to lean back, so I did and closed my eyes. He started to count and he did it on 2 and not 3 so I didn’t anticipate the actually minute he was going to put it through.

The needle didn’t hurt at all! He then slid the bar in and tightened the balls on the ends. He gave me a mirror and I thought, “Gorgeous!” I finaly had what I wanted for so long. When he was finished, he told what I could and couldn’t do and for how long. He then gave me a bottle of H2Ocean and that has been awesome!

The past 8 days it has not gotten infected, hurt or bled. It is faintly sore when I sit for a long time just because it readjusts when I stand up. So I would surely go do it again! I love it and it’s just perfect! I don’t have any jewelry for it yet, but I want all the pink ones I can find for it!

I can’t wait for it to finally heal and I can start switching it out with fun jewelry! I have fallen in love with the bright colored ones, glittery ones, and I have even seen the “Bioplast” ones that are bright and flexible. I’m not sure on how those are in the skin, but I haven’t seen any bad reviews on them either.

I am anxious to start building my collection up and showing off my piercing at the beach.

My advice to anyone wanting to get this done:

Go and get it done! Don’t wait years like I did, it does not hurt at all!

I thought my 3rd hole in my ears hurt lots worse. Go get it done and enjoy it! 😉

Getting My Belly Pierced!

By Tamara Flagg, Tallahassee, Florida

Navel Piercing Story

My best friend and I decided to get our belly pierced the summer of 2009, but my parents wasn’t going to let me. So I came up with the best plan ever, I waited to my sixteenth birthday to ask, because they couldn’t say no, not on my birthday. 😈

My mother and I was riding around looking for the perfect place to get my belly pierced. We stop at one place, I forgot the name but it was a lot of people with a lot of piercings, but every body was nice, but I didn’t get it done there cause they cost a lot.

We went to this other place, and my mom was like, “ok I’m about to get my lip done so we can have something together”. But she punked out on me.

The lady who did my belly was very nice. She told me what she was going to do and how it felt. She answered all my questions without ant problems. She was really good at her job. She made sure hand stayed clean the whole time.

When I told her what i wanted she took me to this room. She said, “do you want to stand or lay down”. I was like, “lay down”. But I didn’t have to lay down yet. She cleaned my belly, then she marked it with this pen to see where it would be.

She asked me was that fine. I said,”Yes”. I was extremely nervous when I laid down…  She was holding my belly together where it needed to be, then seconds later I felt it. It didn’t hurt like i thought I would. It felt better than an ear pierced.

Then she told me to get up slowly so I wouldn’t faint. I looked in the mirror it was beautiful! She told me to spray some Bactine on at least three times a day. When I take a bath clean it and pull it up and down, and change it until it heals, which would take 6 months to a year.

My belly pierced took five months to it heal. When it healed I put a dangly belly button ring in. It looks just like the girls in the TV! 🙂

Taking The Plunge

My name is Melissa and I am 24 years old, and I recently got my navel pierced – three weeks ago, to be exact. How I came to actually doing it was rather funny! 😆

Navel Piercing Experience

I’m a student in Ukraine and about a month back, I found out by accident that my classmate had a belly piercing. There was only one other person I knew that had one, so I was obviously curious about the process. She explained everything to me and my boyfriend got worried that I was really going to get one as well! At that point in time, I was merely interested, but I got thinking about it and was teetering on the edge about whether I wanted a navel piercing.

Being the obsessive person I am, I scoured the Internet for articles on piercings and did ample research on the process, complications, healing procedures and different types of belly rings. I got freaked out and completely paranoid about keloids, rejection, migration and infections 😯 but once I got over them, I decided to do it. 😉

My boyfriend didn’t want to come with me because he wanted to be surprised and my friend couldn’t follow because she had other things to do. I went on my own to the piercing parlour that I had previously visited to ensure that everything was clean – the same one that many of my friends went to and handed the piercer a belly ring that I had bought prior to the first visit.

She made me lie down and I insisted on seeing her open the sterile packaging in front of me and she did exactly that. Although she didn’t use gloves, she washed her hands with soap and I think she rinsed with alcohol as well. I can’t exactly remember. After applying some cream on my belly and she marked the spot with a pen and clamped my abdomen. The needle went through and in a moment, the belly ring was in place. And it was done! She brought me a mirror so I could look at it while she wrote out the things I needed to buy and what I would have to do to clean it.

I didn’t use hydrogen peroxide as was told by the piercer so I soaked the piercing with saline twice a day. I used to clean it with antibacterial soap as well, but I found it was doing more harm than good because it irritated the piercing and it killed the good bacteria along with the bad. At one point I also soaked it with an antiseptic solution but I also stopped that. Now it’s just plain saline solution twice a day. It’s healing nicely and I’ve had no problems, although I had a bad dream one night about the piercing getting rejected! 😮

So now, I’m taking good care of it and I can’t wait for it to heal completely so I can change the belly ring. I’ve gone through many online shops and my wish list has grown so long – about 90% of the items are belly rings!

None of my family know about it back home and it makes me wonder how my mother will react when she finds out!

Last week I sent a photo of my navel piercing to a friend of mine who’s in Malaysia and he was so surprised!! He then said that I had mentioned to him before that I wanted my navel pierced, probably about 4-5 years ago. Funny thing is, I don’t remember telling him that… or ever wanting it before! 😆


By Kalie, Miami, Florida

Belly Piercing Story

OK well I always wanted a belly button ring ever since I was like 13 and now I’m 15…but I always begged my dad and he always said no no no every time… 😕

Soo I’m kinda sneaky lol So I went to my step mom and I asked her but she said I have to ask my dad ughh 👿

So I did once again and this time he said ok!! But on my b-day witch was like 3 months away so I was like fine! But later on my step mom made my dad agree that I should get it the next day..


So the next day I went to a place called MY TATTOO SHOP and my dad filled out the papers and paid… Next thing I know I’m going in to a cold room I was soo nervous after she marked it I laid on the bed thing lol and she clutched my belly witch hurt kind of and told me to take a deep breath in and out and she pierced it..

IT HURT SOO BAD 😥 but after it was over I was very happy that I got it done and I would never regret it!!


By Montana, Springtown, USA

Belly Piercing Story

OK, Well I’ve been wanting to get my navel pierced for a while and i finally got it done!!

I asked my mom and she was all for it, she actually wanted to get it done with me, but my dad, not so into it!! I kept begging him and he finally gave in, i was soo happy!! 😀

I got it done on a Saturday, i must say this, give yourself a few days to recover, cuz it does get tender. Neways my piercer was really nice and she put the clamps on which didn’t hurt to much, but since i have a pretty flat stomach it hurt a lil.

Then she said take 3 deep breaths and on 3 she put the needle through. It stung but i was fine, my mom was there with me.

Then i got up slowly…YOU MUST get up slowly, and eat before you go!!!! Neways i got up and i got a lolly pop XD then i went home, it was tender the first few days but it looks really good so far, and I’m hoping it stays that way!!! 😛

Still Hiding!!

By Raeann, NY

Belly piercing story

Well like my sister Chelsy, she’s allowed to have her belly button pierced because he’s 18, and that the fact that she has been askin shince she was like 13. but any way on to my story…

I’m 16 years old and i went with my friend and her mom to get her belly buton pierced and ever since i saw hers i wanted one. But no one would take me because im only 16!

So i went to my cousin because she’s trying to become a piercer. I asked her if she would do it for me without letting my parents or sister find out. She said yea she would but that if my parents found out that not to tell them that she did it for me! 😈

So i went in her room she set up everything, while she was doing that she told me to look thru the different rings and i picked out one that was silver with pink gems. She had marked me before and i was just looking in the mirror telling myself “this wont hurt, this wont hurt” 😳

I was a little nervous but not to bad because i have my cartilage pierced and she told me that my belly button would hurt way less. So i layed on the bed, she put on a clamp and said “ok are you ready” i told her that ” i’m ready as i’ll ever be”!

She was like ” ok take a deep breath in (poked the needle thru at the time i was taking a deep breath in) and then out” i asked her “was that is are you serious?” shes like “yep your all done. just make sure you clean it twice a day with sea salt that’s the best for it.”

It’s been about three weeks since i got my belly button pierced and yes i did show my sister🙂

We are close enough that she didnt tell my parents. But summer time is comming aroung and i’m going to wanna swim in my pool but then my parents will find out but im ready to tell them because the worst they will do is be a little dissapointed.

And that’s my story 😉