Taking The Plunge

My name is Melissa and I am 24 years old, and I recently got my navel pierced – three weeks ago, to be exact. How I came to actually doing it was rather funny! 😆

Navel Piercing Experience

I’m a student in Ukraine and about a month back, I found out by accident that my classmate had a belly piercing. There was only one other person I knew that had one, so I was obviously curious about the process. She explained everything to me and my boyfriend got worried that I was really going to get one as well! At that point in time, I was merely interested, but I got thinking about it and was teetering on the edge about whether I wanted a navel piercing.

Being the obsessive person I am, I scoured the Internet for articles on piercings and did ample research on the process, complications, healing procedures and different types of belly rings. I got freaked out and completely paranoid about keloids, rejection, migration and infections 😯 but once I got over them, I decided to do it. 😉

My boyfriend didn’t want to come with me because he wanted to be surprised and my friend couldn’t follow because she had other things to do. I went on my own to the piercing parlour that I had previously visited to ensure that everything was clean – the same one that many of my friends went to and handed the piercer a belly ring that I had bought prior to the first visit.

She made me lie down and I insisted on seeing her open the sterile packaging in front of me and she did exactly that. Although she didn’t use gloves, she washed her hands with soap and I think she rinsed with alcohol as well. I can’t exactly remember. After applying some cream on my belly and she marked the spot with a pen and clamped my abdomen. The needle went through and in a moment, the belly ring was in place. And it was done! She brought me a mirror so I could look at it while she wrote out the things I needed to buy and what I would have to do to clean it.

I didn’t use hydrogen peroxide as was told by the piercer so I soaked the piercing with saline twice a day. I used to clean it with antibacterial soap as well, but I found it was doing more harm than good because it irritated the piercing and it killed the good bacteria along with the bad. At one point I also soaked it with an antiseptic solution but I also stopped that. Now it’s just plain saline solution twice a day. It’s healing nicely and I’ve had no problems, although I had a bad dream one night about the piercing getting rejected! 😮

So now, I’m taking good care of it and I can’t wait for it to heal completely so I can change the belly ring. I’ve gone through many online shops and my wish list has grown so long – about 90% of the items are belly rings!

None of my family know about it back home and it makes me wonder how my mother will react when she finds out!

Last week I sent a photo of my navel piercing to a friend of mine who’s in Malaysia and he was so surprised!! He then said that I had mentioned to him before that I wanted my navel pierced, probably about 4-5 years ago. Funny thing is, I don’t remember telling him that… or ever wanting it before! 😆


  1. Well she shouldn’t have done it without gloves, make sure you wash with soap, but not antibacterial. And tea tree oil!

  2. lol. i just did mine without ma family knowin too. it’s just ma third day tho… n now that ive read about infections and all, im kinda paranoid. have to go purchase some saline solution!

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