Getting My Belly Pierced!

By Tamara Flagg, Tallahassee, Florida

Navel Piercing Story

My best friend and I decided to get our belly pierced the summer of 2009, but my parents wasn’t going to let me. So I came up with the best plan ever, I waited to my sixteenth birthday to ask, because they couldn’t say no, not on my birthday. 😈

My mother and I was riding around looking for the perfect place to get my belly pierced. We stop at one place, I forgot the name but it was a lot of people with a lot of piercings, but every body was nice, but I didn’t get it done there cause they cost a lot.

We went to this other place, and my mom was like, “ok I’m about to get my lip done so we can have something together”. But she punked out on me.

The lady who did my belly was very nice. She told me what she was going to do and how it felt. She answered all my questions without ant problems. She was really good at her job. She made sure hand stayed clean the whole time.

When I told her what i wanted she took me to this room. She said, “do you want to stand or lay down”. I was like, “lay down”. But I didn’t have to lay down yet. She cleaned my belly, then she marked it with this pen to see where it would be.

She asked me was that fine. I said,”Yes”. I was extremely nervous when I laid down…  She was holding my belly together where it needed to be, then seconds later I felt it. It didn’t hurt like i thought I would. It felt better than an ear pierced.

Then she told me to get up slowly so I wouldn’t faint. I looked in the mirror it was beautiful! She told me to spray some Bactine on at least three times a day. When I take a bath clean it and pull it up and down, and change it until it heals, which would take 6 months to a year.

My belly pierced took five months to it heal. When it healed I put a dangly belly button ring in. It looks just like the girls in the TV! 🙂

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  1. I am 15 and today is March 16th my birthday is March 24th! I will finally be 16 yrs old. So i been asking my mom since i was 14 could i get my belly pierced & she always would respond wen u turn 16 so i did just that ,So Yesterday we was in the discount mall and me and my older sister (22) and her friend (20) walked pass the tattoo shop and i asked my mom could i get it pierced and she replied idk i have to ask another adult so i waited on her answer and she told me i should wait til im 17 is that not fair or wat?!seeing that i been wanting to get it since i was 14! Your parents are awesome!

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