Waiting for 4 Years to Get Belly Piercing Done!

I have always wanted my belly button pierced since I was 14 because I thought it was cute. So I asked my mom and she said no not until I was 18. I waited 4 years later when I turned 18 on December 26th but couldn’t get it pierced on my birthday because I came on my period. So on December 30, 2014 was the day I decided to get my belly button pierced.

I was 18 so I didn’t need my mom’s permission to get my belly pierced. Me and my bestie went to a tattoo shop called Little Smitty’s located in Blue Island. I read some great reviews and I know a few people that got piercings and tattoos so I knew I was in good hands. My best friend was trying to calm me down because I was so scared. I had watched a lot of belly piercing videos a week or so before so I was extremely nervous! 😉

My hands were freezing cold when I entered the tattoo shop. I approached the desk with my best friend Reneeta and there was an older guy with full sleeve tattoos on both arms behind the desk. It will be an hour wait the guy behind the desk told me we have to sterilize the equipment.

So I waited my friend cracked jokes like you still have time to run away – I didn’t when I got mines done! I was so nervous that I was thinking about taking her up on her offer. That’s when I thought about how much I wanted and sacrificed to get this and I wasn’t just going to wimp out that quickly. So I sat there until the material was done being sterilized.

Then he called me to go in this back room so I decided to bring my friend with me. The man that was piercing my belly button was extremely nice and made me feel so comfortable. I guess he could tell how nervous I was and my friend told him how I watched a lot of piercing videos. He smiled and said that it is not that bad and it will be quick.

He went through everything that he was going to do. Then he started by telling me to stand straight up while he marked my stomach with a pen. He asked me to check the mark to see was it ok. Its fine – I said he then told me to have a seat in the reclining chair so he can start. I sat in the chair and he pulled it all the way back with the lever on the side. He then put on gloves and grabbed the needle.

waiting-for-4-years-to-get-belly-piercing-doneHe put the clamps on and I thought that was the needle because it kind of hurt. Then he straightened it up and said “Breath in!”

I did as I was told then I felt a little pinch in the inner part of my navel. Then he told me to breathe out and that was the part that hurt the most but it was over quickly. When I looked down he was screwing the ball on my new hoop belly ring ❗

He explained to me the whole belly piercing aftercare process and gave me a paper with the exact instructions that he had told me. He then asked me how I felt and did I feel dizzy or anything and I replied no but the pain of the piercing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be honestly.

Then he helped me up and asked did I have any questions I replied yes.

I asked could I come back in a few months for a checkup and if it was time to change my ring could he change it the first time? He replied yes and told me to make sure I come back so he could change the belly ring for me and he warned me about taking great care of it or it will take longer to heal.

I assured him that I would then I paid him and left to go and buy my cleaning supplies. I bought my antibacterial dial soup and saline wound spray from Walgreens.

When I got home I decided to wash it. I washed it in the sink in the bathroom when I got in the house. In the middle of washing it I almost fainted because I was really scared to touch it. So I then finished up and laid in my bed and watched videos on how to wash it and read articles on websites. I got the hang of washing it the next day!

My piercing is still currently healing. It will make four months April 30, 2015 since I had it pierced. Also I have not started buying belly jewelry yet because my piercer didn’t tell me the type or size so I will find out on my next appointment.

Thanks for reading my story!

Tiarra 😉

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