A Girl In My Class Showed me Belly Button Piercing & I Ended Up Getting One Myself!

Belly Button Piercing

By Jay’ln Estell

It all started back in high school, 10th grade. When a girl in class showed off her belly button ring. I saw it and was mesmerized! So much that I wanted one myself. Not entirely sure how that came to mind, but it did.

And so I did research and looked into getting one. I was so excited about getting one until I came back to reality…

I am a guy.

Since I was 16, I would have to ask for permission. Knowing my mother and the way she views/viewed things. I just had a gut feeling she was going to tell me no. And so my 17th birthday was rolling around very soon. She previously asked me what did I want for my birthday, I hadn’t given her an answer.

Many times riding in the car, I was itching to just ask her. At that time I had already learned that the worst possible scenario in asking a question is “no”. So I got brave and asked her could I have a belly button ring for my 17th birthday…

And she said no as I assumed. And I knew it and I was mad at myself for asking. Her reason was because “belly button rings are for girls”. I was sad, upset and I totally gave up the idea.

I was over dramatic, but I was a teenager!

Time went on, 5 years have past. And I finally came to realize I’m way old enough now to get my navel pierced if I want. A lot of people’s judgmental ways hindered me, upon hearing stories that it was gay if a guy got his navel pierced, but no more. I had finally found who I was. Both mentally & sexuality.

I am bi, but that had nothing to do with me wanting a piecing. I see it no different than getting an ear piercing! 😉

So I asked my niece can she take me to this place where they do navel piercings for $10. I was so ecstatic. Anticipation filled my blood. She said she would take me either that week or next week. Because she had a friend who wanted her tongue pierced.

At one point I felt like it wasn’t going to happen, since I had to get a ride from her. But then one morning she said she was coming to pick me up. My heart thumped harder and harder as I sat in the back seat. I didn’t think I was going to be nervous since I had wanted this piercing for years.

But we finally reached the destination after a 3 hour car ride. Her friend had a baby in the back seat who cried almost the whole way there. And you can actually see her bottle in the photo! 😉

Her friend and I went inside. They asked what were we getting done today and we told them. We filled out our paperwork together, and then I started to feel nervous. It was already cold that day, so I was semi shivering.

I even told her I didn’t understand why I was getting nervous. Well while we waited. I remember vividly, they played “Don’t” by Bryson Tiller & “Intro” by The xx and I sang along to both songs to myself as I waited. It helped calm me since I really liked both of those songs at the time.

She went first as they called her back and I watched as they pulled a certain over the room, (which looked like an emergency certain). I had never gotten a piercing at a shop, so this was new to me. They were done in 1 min flat. She stuck out her tongue and I cringed a little and laughed.

Now they called me back and I eagerly went to the back and stood (looking dumb). And the man was on one knee and say “flip up your shirt for me” and to “stand up as straight as possible”, And I did and he cleaned the area and marked my navel with a marker. And I briefly looked down at it. I didn’t take time to look in a mirror because I just trusted they knew what they were doing. The place made you feel very comfortable and the people there.

He told me to lie down on the table straight and lift my arms over my head and I stared at the ceiling. He rubbed something cold over my navel and I’m sure it was to clean it again (just to be safe) which I liked a lot. He asked me what do I do for a living. I paused for a moment, because at the time I didn’t have a job. But sometimes I forget singing is a job (although I had never done a gig). I told him I sing and song write and make music. He said okay and said “take a deep breath”, I did and the needle was in that fast. It pinched a little but I was expecting way much worse pain. It was a good 2-3 out of 10 for pain level.

It was done! All under 2 mins ❗

I stood and asked about paying but with my anxiety I forgot my nieces friend had already paid for me, but I paid her $8 back. Because that was all I had. I was so broke.

We went to the car and my niece asked to see it and she asked do I like it and I hadn’t seen how it looked. I was so caught up in my nerves I forgot. And she said it looked “cute”. I immediately took a photo in the car, and this is the photograph!

I’ve showed a good 13 people of friends (sending them the photo) and I’ve received generally positive reviews. As I am in love with it!

I have had it for two weeks now. The healing process has been very easy, I just shower like I normally do and it had puss a few times. Just wipe it with something clean and you should be fine. I haven’t had any issues with it, other than soreness that first week. And this whole thing about guys shouldn’t get navel piercings is ridiculous to me. If you’re a guy and want your navel pierced, go ahead!

Don’t be afraid. Be you and do what makes you happy. YOLO. xo

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