The time my belly piercing RIPPED out…

By Val from Tinley Park.

I finally convinced my parents to let me get my belly pieced as my Christmas gift when I was about to turn 17. I had always desired the look, especially since I had a good figure for a belly piercing. One of my good friends recently got hers done and so I decided to go to the same place.

I went to Body by Design. My parents had to take me in a couple days after Christmas since I wasn’t old enough to get it done by myself. When I walked in, I thought the shop looked cool and sanitary. The piercer I had was extremely nice and worked well with me and my fear of needles. She kept me calm. She used a clamp, which I thought helped with numbing up the area before she stuck the needle through.

I have a low pain tolerance, but I believe the procedure was quick and not too painful. It was more of just a quick pinch. I would compare it to like getting a shot. The piercing cost me $50 and then I gave a $5 tip. When I started to head out, I started to become lightheaded. The piercer informed me that thi is normal with some people.

She informed me to sit down and she gave me a water bottle and a sucker to bring up my sugar level. They gave me a bottle of sanitizer and told me to clean it every day. She also told me not to play with the piercing as it was healing, so it wouldn’t get infected. The night I got home, I was showing my friends my new piercing. As I kept looking at it, I noticed it seemed to be piercing extremely close to the skin. I thought maybe it was just because I was really skinny and didn’t have much fat on my stomach.

Not even two months later, I woke up one morning and my piercing was lying next to my bed. When I looked at my belly button, it was ripped so I couldn’t put the piercing back in and I have a little scar there when the skin closed back up. Even though I had a not so great experience with my first belly piercing, I’m going to get mine re-pierced this summer.

I’m not going to go to the same place obviously, but I’m definitely going to research the place next time…..

Let’s get sexy!

By Charlotte from Australia.
 One day I was at home watching the TV I was tuned in to the music station of the latest hits and I was a dance video of modern belly dance and I saw the peircings on their navals and I knew I wanted one.

I was 14 at the time and my mum was REALLY strict and I had to think up a way to convince her so on the holidays she was in a good mood and I drew up a contract depicting what I was going to do for the next twelve months (extreme I know but for my mother it is protocall).

So here’s what we agreed on: Cleaning the kitchen every night for a year, Giving up being a vegetarian (not really she just doesn’t know) and getting along with my sister (that was the hardest one) but I grueled through and she finally took me there.

I looked it up on line and I decided to go to a place in north queensland (Australia) because it was clean and they used clamps. The peircer sat me down on the table and told me exactly what would happen. I wasn’t nervous at all (I pride myself on my not-nervousness even with nedles)

The peircing hurt little more than a vacination needle (if anything the clamp hurt more). That term I showed it off at school and I got lots of comments about how it was sexy and not trasshh it took about two months to heal. And the really exciting thing was that on the holidays I went to japan with my school for a school trip and it had a beach I struted the beach with my peircing as well as the attention of having blonde hair I also had the attention of having a peircing and even better yet my ex was there and he was evily jealous (mwahahahahaaaa) evil laugh I would encourage you to get a naval peircing but please don’t be all trashy about it.

Good luck BABY!!!

My Belly Ring!!!

By Saterica, from Alabama.
I first got my Navel pierced in November 2010 and I didn’t feel it at all, it was almost as if someone had pinched my belly button and lightly twisted it quickly. The shop I went to had a bad reputation for Tattoos, but I found this out after I went, make sure you look up reviews online about the shop before you go.

Although I didn’t have a bad experience there I had a bad experience with my after care. I thought I did all the research that I needed to know, but it turned out I was very wrong.

I read somewhere on the internet to use sea salt soaks and Bactine twice a day. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT use Bactine, it dries out the piercing and traps the bacteria. I also used Alcohol on it cause a friend told me that’s what she did and apparently that dries out the piercing even more and is worse. It didn’t really occur to me that my skin was slowly flaking inbetween my piercing until I woke up one morning and the skin was completely translucent.

I went to my piercer that day and she tld me hat I unfortunately had to take it out and let it heal, I was so bummed!

Now I just got my navel re-pierced 3 days ago, I wasn’t expecting it to hurt at all considering the first time I barely felt it, but this time it actually hurt alot and it bled quite a bit after it was done. My new piercer told me it was normal when going through some scar tissue for it to bleed. ( she did pierce behind my scar though.)

When I was leaving she explained the sea salt soaks again but this time gave me a free bottle of Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap to use as well. (Dial Antibacterial soap works just as well.) I also went out after and bought myself some H2Ocean from another piercing salon because they did not sell it where I went.

My new piercing seems to be doing great lately though, I’ve been cleaning it twice a day and making sure I move the bar up and down when cleaning. Please make sure you do A LOT of research before you get it done, I made the mistake of not reading enough.

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My Belly Button ring stories (:

By Gabby, from Macon,GA
 So when I was 12 years old me and my best friend said we wanted to get out belly buttons periced. So, we tryed to do it our self’s That didn’t work out they got infected. So we had to take them out.

And then the second time I had it dont professonaly, and when I did I got it for christmas this year, and when I did, I was like it is gonna hurt like a hell becasue it did when we did it our self’s well no when he clamped it I was like I was like Mama, Hold my hand ! ( I am not 14 years old)

So when he put the needle in, I was like oh Mama let go of my hand that didnt even hurt! She was like Oh My God It looks like it hurt, I was like nawh. It don’ t.

So now that I have had it for about a month in a half. I have not had any problems with it. I am a cheerleader, so I have to put a plug in it when we have practice.. And I LOVE IT !! So happy I got it re done!

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Love it!

By Mya from Inkster.
Mya's belly piercing Well the first I got my belly button pierced I was 17 , my dad had said I can get it and I was so happy because at first I didn’t think he would let me get it.

My mom had took me to get it done at some place she went to go get her tattoos at and the person was nice and cool with some even cooler tattoos.

The lady who was piercing my belly button had rub alcohol on the spot where she was going to pierce it and I was so cold which made me a little scared but once she told me to breath in it was over and I didn’t feel nothing

She then cleaned it up and told me to use bactine 3 times a day and make sure I dont go swimming and if I need her to ask any questions she game me a number and sent me on my way .

They told me to wait six weeks but I kind of didn’t I changed it after like 3 weeks because I was tired of the same plain belly ring and nothing happened when I changed it. I keep it clean with bactine which is good to least to me but um I love my belly button piercing it is so ute to me and I am glad I got it.

I love all the little rings because the be lookin so cute and I also think my belly button make me even cuter with a swim suit on. 🙂

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Was not sure!

By Christina from California.
Christina's Belly Piercing I was 15 and i really wanted to get my belly buttton pierced.i would ask my mom and dad everyday if i could get it done and she as well as my dad would say no.I continued to ask for over months and months.

It was december it was my cousins birthday and her mom was letting her get her belly button pierced.Finally my aunt convinced my mom into letting me and my sister get our belly button pierced.

We all went to monkeys togo to get it done.We walked into the shop and my mom was scared walking in.She would just look around with a scared face.My cousin was the first to get it done we were all watching from outside.It was my turn i walked into the room and when i had just walked in my mom screams “NO”

I turn around confused and she tells me i am not going to get it pierced.I was super mad.My sister and me stoped talking to her.We got home slamed are door and went to sleep.We were super mad.The next weeks we didnt really talk to her.

It was summer and i had forgot about the whole belly button piercing.My dad brother and yougest sister had gone to kanssas for vacation me and my sister couldnt because we had cheer practice all summer.One day my mom askes me if i want to get my belly button pierced.I have a huge smile on my face when she tells me that.Isay YES!!!!!

The reason she takes me is because my dad is out of town and he would be the one to get mad.I decided to go to monkeys to go to get it done.i end up piercing the bottom of my bellly button.I just wanted to be diffrent then most girls.i later want to get my top belly button pierced.But i might have to wait till im 18 because my mom told me the day i got my belly button pierced that that was the only piercing she would let me get.Thats my story 🙂

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Second time’s the charm

By Camy, from NJ

I got my first piercing when i was 16 years old and it got infected because i did not clean it and when i did i used peroxide and i used alcohol.The skin began to eat away and pus and eventually it rejected the jewelry.
Long story short I got a nasty keloid 🙁

I was recently on the shore and decided to get another piercing despite my first bad experience.I got it done on the bottom its called a reversed navel piercing and its on the bottom since i have a keloid on top.

I have been cleaning this one with sea salt and its a little red but i think its just healing.I paid $32 for it after sweet talking the guy and when he told me the sea salt was $20 i said no way and made my own solution.The guy was nice and told me all the instructions to clean it.

And i got it to inspire me to lose weight its cute i think!?

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Sin on the Skin

By Erin, from PA.

When I got my belly button pierced, I went to a place near my school that I walked by and always wanted to visit, Sin on the Skin. Well, being in the city, the man who did the peircings was hispanic. I can understand the accent, but only if I pay attention, and with freaking out (inside) that it would really hurt, I didn’t understand a word he said as I was prepped. So I’m sitting there and nodding while he talked, my face a mask of indifference and looking over at my friend I had brought along who looked more freaked out than I was. I couldn’t see what he was doing but it felt really weird and I wished I had heard what he was trying to tell me, so I’d feel better. Well the next day I was at my dad’s house and my brother punched my stomache, hard. I had to include him in my little secret but made him promise not to tell my dad, who was against it. Two months later and he still doesn’t know, but bathing suit season is coming up so…

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It took me a while….

By Joshulyn, from Morrow,GA.

It all started almost 3 years ago when i was 12 and i thought a belly ring was so cool. I asked my mom could i get one when i turn 16 and she said she will think about it.

Fast foward to now when im 14. In March she came out the blue saying i could get it done. I was excited thinking i could get it that Saturday. But days and weeks went by and i still havent gotten it yet. So when i got out of school for summer i was looking for places i could go to get it done. Then Sunday the day before Memorial Day i asked my mom was she off work to see if i could get it done. She said yes.

On Monday (Memorial Day) my mom had said take a ride with me, and she drove me to a tattoo shop. We signed the papers and i picked out a silver belly bar with red diamonds. My birthstone, then he went to sterilize it. After a few minutes went by he told me and my mom to come to the back. I layed down on this doctor like bed or table whatever it is, and he cleaned off my belly button. He marked it then got the needleready. All i felt was the needle go in and next thing you know my mom was like “Aww you didnt cry.” I like my belly ring but i cant wait to change it.

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What a long day it was……

Submitted by Jasmine from Birmingham, AL.

I don’t know exactly when I decided that I wanted a belly ring , but I know I really wanted one! I told my big brother and he told me that he would take me. Then one day, he was like he will only take me if my momma say its ok. We both knew she wouldn’t agree but he asked her anyway and of course her first response was no. I was upset but I said I was gonna get it anyway.

Then one day me and my momma was having a conversation about it and I said I really want it and she was like I just don’t think that is something I should pay for. I assured her that she wouldn’t have to pay 4 it and she was like I was on my own with it. Then I told my brother and we agreed that when I got the money we would go and get it done. So one day my bff texted me and said that a local tattoo shop was having a discount day and I was like I have to go.

I told my brother about it and he said we were gonna go, I just had to find the 15 dollars. My homegirl agreed to give me the money and I made my appointment. Te day finally came and I was so anxious and excited and nervous! My other homegirl was gonna get hers done 2 and we agreed that we weren’t gonna have any communication until we both had our belly rings!

My appointment was at 1 and I was running a little late because my brother took awhile coming to get me. He picked me up and my bff, who was going with me to get it on camera, and we went and got gas, right after putting gas into the car! The brakes went out cause we had no brake fluid. So we had to go back home and try and find brake fluid. My brother had some but it was locked up in his car (we were borrowing someone else’s car) we kept trying to find some but we were unlucky! I was starting to get very upset!

Then we asked our neighbors did they have any and they did. I was so happy and we put the brake fluid in. We got there and we got it done and im so excited!

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