Almost Chickened out!!

By Chelsy, Lockport, New York, United States

Belly Piercing Story

I have been wanting my belly button pierced for the longest time from like when i was 13. my mom always said no because i was to young!

I went and asked her again when i was 16, she was like well you’re not to young but still no because i’m scared that you may snag it in clothing or when you are sleeping. i told her it would not happen, that i would be carefull. but yet again still no!

So i went to my dad at 17 he said he would sign for it but i had to hide it from my mom, and come up with the money for it. well i didn’t come up with the money untill my 18th birthday party. so i told my mom that i was just going to do it now that im 18.

She was like – whatever, just don’t show me when you get it done! So a day after my birthday party me my boyfriend and his cousin all went to the local tattoo parlor. mind you that i was FREAKING OUT when i walked in because i am so terrified of needles.

I went in asking a million questions. Like “how bad is it going to hurt” , how long will it hurt”, “how fast will it take”, just going on and on rambeling nervously. the piercer told me to wait while he sets up.(the longest wait of my life!)

He called me back and i made my boyfriend come back with me. he told me to look at the needles to make sure they are new and unopened. He marked me, had me look to see if it was in the right spot. i layed down in the chair and even before he touched me with the clamp i grabbed my boyfriends hands a squeezed really hard.

The piercer laughed and said “don’t hurt him he didn’t do anything wrong, i’m the one stabbing you with the needle haha” (joking) so he went on and put the clamp on(oh my god that clamp hurt so bad!) he was like “are you ready” i said no wait never mind i don’t want to go thru with this!

Belly Piercing Story

He told me that if i didn’t go thru with it that i would still have to pay because the needles where all ready, and that i would pay for nothing. so i told him “ok hurry up and do it already” lol so the needle went thru(i barely felt it the clamp pretty much numbed the area).

When he was finshed puttin the stem thru he had to wiggle it around to put the ball on i was like “what the H*** are you doing, that hurts so bad” lol. When i was done i was proud that i went thru with it, every one was laughing because i was so scared and it ended up being nothing. 🙂


By Julie from Troy, Michigan, United States

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve always wanted a belly ring ever since I was twelve. I wanted one beacause alot of celebrities wear them!

At first my parents wouldn’t let me. They said I was too young! Then when I turned sixteen I finally got it pierced.

I got it pierced at a local tatto parlor. The guy’s name was Mack. He did it very quickly. I felt proud that I got it pierced!

After a couple of weeks I started putting on different belly rings.

Ghetto Gurls!

Belly Button Piercing Story

By Erika, Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to get my belly pierced for the longest since last yr when I was 16. I was never into the whole piercing bellies thing – I was more into the piercing tongues thing. When I was about to turn 16 I wanted to get a piercing!

I decided to get my cartilage pierced 2 days after my 16th b-day(12.28.07) then later on the next yr(08) I decided I want another piercing but I didn’t know what. So it was either tongue or belly. I wanted a tongue ring since I was 10 (seriously) so I told myself when I get older I would get one but I decided not 2 get one yet and wait til im about 20.

Cuz it is very hard to hide a tongue ring especially when ppl keep lookin in ur mouth (especially from ur parents). But something about belly piercing caught my eye when I was 16. They seem so cute and pretty and yet so discreet. So I decided to get my belly pierced since its more discreet and really pretty (so my parents wouldn’t find it, plus they would kill me more if I got my tongue pierced) 🙂

So I told myself that I would do it when my b-day comes which is 12.26 so I had to wait all year then the day comes and I couldn’t do it cuz of lack of money and lack of confidence.

I told myself if I would get my belly pierced I would have a tone flat stomach. It was at first over the summer but I tend to eat a lot in the winter so my stomach was lookin soft. So I didn’t do it & I decided to do it in February as a late b-day gift. But I was afraid of going because I thought they were going to ask me for ID(since im only 17).

But I asked some friends around school and I found 2 shops that barely asked for ID especially for belly piercing(I guess it’s because it’s such a common piercing now). So I decided to do it on Friday (2/6/09) after school; I called it Ghetto Gurl Day(since my close friends called me Ghetto for having my cartilage pierced 2x but I don’t even know what it means to be ghetto!).

Me and my friend Jeannine went on Flatbush to some tattoo shop(it was pretty clean). While we were walkin I started to have 2nd thoughts but we arrived to the place and there was no turning back. We went inside and I asked the lady how much was it and she said $25(good price!) then she took the money from me and called the piercer(I was so happy, and surprised she didn’t ask for ID).

He came and told me to sit. Jeannine was many steps back because she didn’t want to see. While I was on the chair I asked him if it was going to hurt and he said No and I asked him if it was gonna be quick and he sed Yes and he was RIGHT!

It was quick & easy. All I felt was a lot of pressure. After that he just told me wash it with hand soap. I left and Jeannine couldn’t look at me. She said she thought I was going to chicken out but I didn’t! Before I had gotten my belly pierced I did a lot of research on the risk, procedure, aftercare so I wouldn’t be clueless.

I even watched Youtube videos on it!(if u go on youtube watch sabina belly piercing its good) I practically know how to do it myself!(I was gonna do it myself but I was too afraid to pierce myself, my body wouldn’t let me do it). I became obsess with belly rings, I would stare @ ppl with belly rings and I would envy them, that’s how bad it got.

So if u r thinking about getting ur belly pierced make sure u do the research and go with someone. I finally gotten it pierced (professionally of course). So now I’m a 17 year old and I have my belly pierced and I can’t wait till it heals so I could change the ring(hopefully it heals by the summer so I could show it off at the beach).

Hopefully my parents don’t find out anytime soon especially my conservative sister Sherly!

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Awesome Belly Piercing

By Kristi, West Virginia

Belly Piercing Story

Well i have wanted my belly button pierced since i have been 13 but of course my parents wouldnt agree to take me…

But sure enought two days after i turned 18 i went to get it done!

My parents had gone out of town to see a football game so it was perfect timing. I was quit nervous that day but it all worked out.

On that rainy saturday my boyfriend had planned on taking me out for a birthday dinner along with the piercing. I got more and more nervous as i got closer the the tattoo shop. Finally we got there and I told the lady what I wanted and she had me fill out some papers and pick out which ring i wanted.

Next thing knew i was sittin in the chair watching this guy get ready to pierce me. He put the clamp on and i looked away as he stuck the needle through(Which i didnt feel at all!).

About a half minute later he said your done! It was so fast i didnt feel a thing. I was so happy as i ran out to show my boyfriend who was waiting in the front room. As we left i was so excited i almost slipped on the icy deck! 🙂

Its been a month since i got it done and its healing great and of course i told my parents and they didnt mind! All in all it was worth the time and money i love it so much!

Bad Girls Club! LMBO!

By Satia, Montgomery, Alabama

Belly Button Piercing Story

Well like every teenage girl, the first time you see any piercing the first thing we do is run to my parents and ask “Can I get one?” and we all hear the same thing “NO! Wait till your 18!”.

Well that was what i did graduated high school and went off to college like a good girl knowing in the back of my head that once i was out on my own i could finally get the things i wanted.

So i started off with a couple tattoos (3 to be correct ) but i still had the desire to pierce something lol! It was either a navel piercing or a tongue ring. I didnt decide that until i made it to the tattoo/piercing shop.

When i got there when i was read the prices i knew then that the belly was the way i was gonna go this time. I know cheap but im a college student money dont grow on trees! The only problem i had was i had to wear a captive ring until it heals cause they claim it helps it heal better!

I payed the $50, signed the needed papers, and my sister-in-law and i waited in the lobby til it was my turn. Soon enough he walked in and we all walked to the back of the store to a room playing rock music and a dentist chair in it. He marked my stomach with the Purple Pen and after telling him i liked the location, he told be to lie on my back in the chair. He got the clamp and told me to breath in then out deeply. When i took the breath out he stuck the needle through. let me tell you it didnt hurt but felt like a pinch then it was over.

It been only two weeks and i have big plans for my little whole. Ive been ring shopping already. My plans next was getting a nose ring but the place where i work doesnt allow them. HOW RUDE RIGHT?! I guess i’ll just get my bottom navel done or my hips.

When i change this captive ring, imma post the pics cause i hate this thing!


Belly Piercing Story – My Belly Piercing

By Paige, Doncaster
Belly Piercing Story
I’v kept begging my mum asking if i could get myn done but she keps saying No!!!! ur to young den couple of years later she promised and said you but it will hurt.

So on october 30th it were my 12 birthday we were going blue bannah to get it done but they said i have to be 13 and over so we went to bodyarts and my mum filled in a lil form and signed it. And i choose a bar a gold bar wit a red gem i wanted that one coz i got a short red top wit red gems as buttons from jane norman!

She put sum numbing spray on my bellybutton and then sat me down but first she marked my bellybutton with a pen and i said that fine and she sat my down and she put gloths on and used scissors insted of a needle beacuse they hurt less.

She gave me sum cleaner and the bar which came it to £25 i looked in the mirro and fell in love with my belly i love it soo mutch! She toled me i can take it out at christmas and put a new one in its healing fine and the clamps left a red mark at the top of my bellybutton but it fading and will be gone by Christmas.

At Christmas i will post a new story with a pic!


I posted a storie before and said i can change day bar after Christmas and here’s a pic to show ya all!=)

Belly Button Piercing Story

My Belly Piercing :]

By Hayley Kerr, Australia, NSW, Wingham

Belly Piercing story

Well, ever since i can remember, i’ve always wanted my bellybutton pierced. I loved the look of it. Anyway, i begged my parents for years, but the answer was always no, which sucked. They always came back with the same defence “you’re too young” So i left it for a while.

Now that i’m 13, a few more of my friends had theirs done, and their stories just made me want to get mine done even more! The place i wanted it done at, one day had half price on belly piercings ($30) and i begged, but still the answer was “no”

A few months after that, my friend asked if i wanted to get ti done with her, i was thrilled. I asked my mum, and surprisingly she said yes! I was so excited. We rang up and booked an appointment. The day came around very quickly and that morning, my friend rang up and said she couldnt get hers done. Looks like i was on my own. Mum was a bit worried i would chicken out, but i kept reassuring her i wouldnt.

That morning we went to the chemist and bought some numbing cream. I applied to the navel area and waited half an hour for it to numb. We arrived at the place, which might i add was the cleanest place in the area. We walked in, and by then i was really really scared, but also excited at the same time. The lady was really really nice. She gave me a form that i had to fill out and sign. And then she bought out all the bars that i could choose from. They were all gorgeous, but i chose a pink one, i couldn’t wait for it to be in my belly.

I sat down and waited for a little while, i was so scared that i was now shaking haha. She took me through to a little room and it all looked soo clean which helped my nerves a little, but not much LOL. The lady that was doing it was really nice and i asked some questions, and she gave me answers. She told me she had hers done, and it was pain she definately would go through again. Which helped. She then got an alcohol wipe, and wiped it over my whole belly, so much for the numb cream, hahaha. Mum thought that i definately chicken out, but i said i had come to far to chicken out now.

After that, she told me to stand up really straight so she could mark it, she rubbed the mark out a few times, and then she finally got it straight. She then told me to lie down on a really comfy bed thing, and then she got all the things ready. By then my heart was beating so fast! She told my mum that she could hold my hand if she liked, so i did. She talked me through the whole process as she was doing it which was heaps good. She clamped it, which felt weird, but definately didn’t hurt. And then without even telling me, she put the needle through, i squeezed my mum’s hand so tight, but surprisingly, it was over in about 2-3 seconds. I felt a bit silly for being so scared.

She then had to weave the belly bar through my belly. It was a bit of tugging and stuff, but i wouldnt say it hurt. She then told me that i could sit up, and i couldn’t believe that it was over that quick. I looked down at my belly, and fell in love, i had my belly button pierced! I was so happy. The bar looked gorgeous. She applied betadine to the area and put a patch over it, which i had to wear just for that day. It stung the tiniest bit as i got up and took the first few steps, but not much. She then gave me a bottle of betadine to take home which only costed $2. All in all the whole thing costed $82, but it was so worth it. She gave me a piece of paper which ahd all the things i needed to take care of it. I also needed to apply dettol handwash in the shower every night.

The first night i did everything that i was asked to do (betadine,dettol etc) and i never touched it. That night when i went to sleep i accidently rolled onto my belly. It was a little bit sore but not much. I’ve now had it done for about 4 weeks, and i’ve never forgot to put betadine or dettol on it. It’s going pretty good, it gets crusty from time to time, but nothing too serious. I’m glad that i got it done. I went out and bought 3 new gorgeous bars. I can probably change it soon, and i can’t wait until i can 🙂

Anyone who wants to get it done, seriously go for it, it’s so worth it, and prices may differ for different stores. I’m glad i went ahead with mine :]