Almost Chickened out!!

By Chelsy, Lockport, New York, United States

Belly Piercing Story

I have been wanting my belly button pierced for the longest time from like when i was 13. my mom always said no because i was to young!

I went and asked her again when i was 16, she was like well you’re not to young but still no because i’m scared that you may snag it in clothing or when you are sleeping. i told her it would not happen, that i would be carefull. but yet again still no!

So i went to my dad at 17 he said he would sign for it but i had to hide it from my mom, and come up with the money for it. well i didn’t come up with the money untill my 18th birthday party. so i told my mom that i was just going to do it now that im 18.

She was like – whatever, just don’t show me when you get it done! So a day after my birthday party me my boyfriend and his cousin all went to the local tattoo parlor. mind you that i was FREAKING OUT when i walked in because i am so terrified of needles.

I went in asking a million questions. Like “how bad is it going to hurt” , how long will it hurt”, “how fast will it take”, just going on and on rambeling nervously. the piercer told me to wait while he sets up.(the longest wait of my life!)

He called me back and i made my boyfriend come back with me. he told me to look at the needles to make sure they are new and unopened. He marked me, had me look to see if it was in the right spot. i layed down in the chair and even before he touched me with the clamp i grabbed my boyfriends hands a squeezed really hard.

The piercer laughed and said “don’t hurt him he didn’t do anything wrong, i’m the one stabbing you with the needle haha” (joking) so he went on and put the clamp on(oh my god that clamp hurt so bad!) he was like “are you ready” i said no wait never mind i don’t want to go thru with this!

Belly Piercing Story

He told me that if i didn’t go thru with it that i would still have to pay because the needles where all ready, and that i would pay for nothing. so i told him “ok hurry up and do it already” lol so the needle went thru(i barely felt it the clamp pretty much numbed the area).

When he was finshed puttin the stem thru he had to wiggle it around to put the ball on i was like “what the H*** are you doing, that hurts so bad” lol. When i was done i was proud that i went thru with it, every one was laughing because i was so scared and it ended up being nothing. 🙂

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