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By Satia, Montgomery, Alabama

Belly Button Piercing Story

Well like every teenage girl, the first time you see any piercing the first thing we do is run to my parents and ask “Can I get one?” and we all hear the same thing “NO! Wait till your 18!”.

Well that was what i did graduated high school and went off to college like a good girl knowing in the back of my head that once i was out on my own i could finally get the things i wanted.

So i started off with a couple tattoos (3 to be correct ) but i still had the desire to pierce something lol! It was either a navel piercing or a tongue ring. I didnt decide that until i made it to the tattoo/piercing shop.

When i got there when i was read the prices i knew then that the belly was the way i was gonna go this time. I know cheap but im a college student money dont grow on trees! The only problem i had was i had to wear a captive ring until it heals cause they claim it helps it heal better!

I payed the $50, signed the needed papers, and my sister-in-law and i waited in the lobby til it was my turn. Soon enough he walked in and we all walked to the back of the store to a room playing rock music and a dentist chair in it. He marked my stomach with the Purple Pen and after telling him i liked the location, he told be to lie on my back in the chair. He got the clamp and told me to breath in then out deeply. When i took the breath out he stuck the needle through. let me tell you it didnt hurt but felt like a pinch then it was over.

It been only two weeks and i have big plans for my little whole. Ive been ring shopping already. My plans next was getting a nose ring but the place where i work doesnt allow them. HOW RUDE RIGHT?! I guess i’ll just get my bottom navel done or my hips.

When i change this captive ring, imma post the pics cause i hate this thing!


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  1. got yn done on mey 12th birthdaii and to a profenssnble place and cost £25
    myn were cheap and i choose a bar i wanted i cudnt decide cuz dey were loads of ones andiv toke it owt and changed and now iv shoped 4 loads of bars and got loads

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