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Belly Button Piercing Story

By Erika, Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to get my belly pierced for the longest since last yr when I was 16. I was never into the whole piercing bellies thing – I was more into the piercing tongues thing. When I was about to turn 16 I wanted to get a piercing!

I decided to get my cartilage pierced 2 days after my 16th b-day(12.28.07) then later on the next yr(08) I decided I want another piercing but I didn’t know what. So it was either tongue or belly. I wanted a tongue ring since I was 10 (seriously) so I told myself when I get older I would get one but I decided not 2 get one yet and wait til im about 20.

Cuz it is very hard to hide a tongue ring especially when ppl keep lookin in ur mouth (especially from ur parents). But something about belly piercing caught my eye when I was 16. They seem so cute and pretty and yet so discreet. So I decided to get my belly pierced since its more discreet and really pretty (so my parents wouldn’t find it, plus they would kill me more if I got my tongue pierced) 🙂

So I told myself that I would do it when my b-day comes which is 12.26 so I had to wait all year then the day comes and I couldn’t do it cuz of lack of money and lack of confidence.

I told myself if I would get my belly pierced I would have a tone flat stomach. It was at first over the summer but I tend to eat a lot in the winter so my stomach was lookin soft. So I didn’t do it & I decided to do it in February as a late b-day gift. But I was afraid of going because I thought they were going to ask me for ID(since im only 17).

But I asked some friends around school and I found 2 shops that barely asked for ID especially for belly piercing(I guess it’s because it’s such a common piercing now). So I decided to do it on Friday (2/6/09) after school; I called it Ghetto Gurl Day(since my close friends called me Ghetto for having my cartilage pierced 2x but I don’t even know what it means to be ghetto!).

Me and my friend Jeannine went on Flatbush to some tattoo shop(it was pretty clean). While we were walkin I started to have 2nd thoughts but we arrived to the place and there was no turning back. We went inside and I asked the lady how much was it and she said $25(good price!) then she took the money from me and called the piercer(I was so happy, and surprised she didn’t ask for ID).

He came and told me to sit. Jeannine was many steps back because she didn’t want to see. While I was on the chair I asked him if it was going to hurt and he said No and I asked him if it was gonna be quick and he sed Yes and he was RIGHT!

It was quick & easy. All I felt was a lot of pressure. After that he just told me wash it with hand soap. I left and Jeannine couldn’t look at me. She said she thought I was going to chicken out but I didn’t! Before I had gotten my belly pierced I did a lot of research on the risk, procedure, aftercare so I wouldn’t be clueless.

I even watched Youtube videos on it!(if u go on youtube watch sabina belly piercing its good) I practically know how to do it myself!(I was gonna do it myself but I was too afraid to pierce myself, my body wouldn’t let me do it). I became obsess with belly rings, I would stare @ ppl with belly rings and I would envy them, that’s how bad it got.

So if u r thinking about getting ur belly pierced make sure u do the research and go with someone. I finally gotten it pierced (professionally of course). So now I’m a 17 year old and I have my belly pierced and I can’t wait till it heals so I could change the ring(hopefully it heals by the summer so I could show it off at the beach).

Hopefully my parents don’t find out anytime soon especially my conservative sister Sherly!

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  1. Umm This is an update
    yea my parents still didnt find out or my sister and its been 5 months (july 6 will make 5months) umm i got it infected once cuz i took it out for like an hour cuz me and my momz went to the doctor and i didnt want her to see it. So i put it back and the hole on top close so i had to push it back in. Smh
    so it had gotten infected from me havin to pushin it back in…
    Then after that my belly ring(the one i got it pierced with) fell down the drain last month cuz i took it out so i could wash it. but luckily i had another one(got it from for free cuz i won a gift certificate from this website)
    But my belly piercing is all healed up & im gonna buy another cute belly ring

  2. The Piercing Place i went to jus sed Tattoos on it. Its on Flatbush and Tilden Right by Cookies Department store. They dont ask for ID but i mean if you look a little young (like 12 or 13) then they might ask. It is across this building call Kingdom Hall. Well i hope you find it if any more help comment back

  3. heyy can you tell me exactly what store you got it done?
    where is it locatedd. Flatbush is close to me and since its clean, 25$ && no id requiredd ii want it from there. hitt mee upp pweez!

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