By Kalie, Miami, Florida

Belly Piercing Story

OK well I always wanted a belly button ring ever since I was like 13 and now I’m 15…but I always begged my dad and he always said no no no every time… 😕

Soo I’m kinda sneaky lol So I went to my step mom and I asked her but she said I have to ask my dad ughh 👿

So I did once again and this time he said ok!! But on my b-day witch was like 3 months away so I was like fine! But later on my step mom made my dad agree that I should get it the next day..


So the next day I went to a place called MY TATTOO SHOP and my dad filled out the papers and paid… Next thing I know I’m going in to a cold room I was soo nervous after she marked it I laid on the bed thing lol and she clutched my belly witch hurt kind of and told me to take a deep breath in and out and she pierced it..

IT HURT SOO BAD 😥 but after it was over I was very happy that I got it done and I would never regret it!!

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