By Montana, Springtown, USA

Belly Piercing Story

OK, Well I’ve been wanting to get my navel pierced for a while and i finally got it done!!

I asked my mom and she was all for it, she actually wanted to get it done with me, but my dad, not so into it!! I kept begging him and he finally gave in, i was soo happy!! 😀

I got it done on a Saturday, i must say this, give yourself a few days to recover, cuz it does get tender. Neways my piercer was really nice and she put the clamps on which didn’t hurt to much, but since i have a pretty flat stomach it hurt a lil.

Then she said take 3 deep breaths and on 3 she put the needle through. It stung but i was fine, my mom was there with me.

Then i got up slowly…YOU MUST get up slowly, and eat before you go!!!! Neways i got up and i got a lolly pop XD then i went home, it was tender the first few days but it looks really good so far, and I’m hoping it stays that way!!! 😛

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