The Anxious Rebel

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The Anxious Rebel's belly piercing

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So I’d just turned 18 and my rebellious phase had just begun! 😉 My mom never approved of piercings and she certainly didn’t like when I got my ears pierced the week after my birthday. My friend and I were browsing our local Fuego with a gift card I received from my birthday.

That is when we noticed their extensive belly button ring collection. We marveled at how many there were! That is when I got an idea. I’m not the skinniest person ever, so I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off. I asked one of the employees if she thought I was skinny enough to rock it. She told me that anyone can look good in one as long as they’re confident. After that, my mind was pretty much set. 😡

The piercing place would be Lucky Boys Tattoo Parlor. I’d watch my friend get ear piercings there all of the time and the place was completely sterile and a fun environment to be in. Even better, the place was having a special on navel piercings the day I decided to go in, so it was the perfect place. My first practically dragged me there because I was so nervous. She said that she’d get her belly button done with me ❗

I promised that I’d get mine done first so I couldn’t chicken out later. That was a good decision on my part 😉

My piercer was really nice but laughed at what a spaz I was. I’d never gotten a piercing outside of my ear and I was so scared that it was going to hurt. Even worse, I was afraid that it was going to get infected and I’d have to tell my mom; which would be a death sentence. As I was freaking out, the piercer went over breathing techniques to get me to calm down because at this point I was pretty much hyperventilating. I have to say that the most painful part was the clamp. I did not feel the needle go in, I felt the clamp move when he was putting the ring in, but nothing outside of that! 🙂

After I had calmed down and my legs stopped shaking, he went over how to care for my new belly piercing. He first told me to invest in some H2Ocean spray and that it was sterile and would help the healing process. He mentioned that I should avoid alcoholic solution because it can slow the healing process and irritate the piercing. He also recommended Aveeno oatmeal body wash that I can scrub into the piercing to help flush out any bacteria.

The piercing only took about a week before the soreness went away and I got complete range of motion back. Since I’m a little chubby, my fat kind of squished together and made it uncomfortable when I sat down.

It healed in about a month and a half. It’s been almost three months and I’m very happy with it and I’m so glad that I got it. I bought so many rings for it off Amazon. It’s so cute and it makes me feel sexy. Ha-ha 🙂


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