Still Hiding!!

By Raeann, NY

Belly piercing story

Well like my sister Chelsy, she’s allowed to have her belly button pierced because he’s 18, and that the fact that she has been askin shince she was like 13. but any way on to my story…

I’m 16 years old and i went with my friend and her mom to get her belly buton pierced and ever since i saw hers i wanted one. But no one would take me because im only 16!

So i went to my cousin because she’s trying to become a piercer. I asked her if she would do it for me without letting my parents or sister find out. She said yea she would but that if my parents found out that not to tell them that she did it for me! 😈

So i went in her room she set up everything, while she was doing that she told me to look thru the different rings and i picked out one that was silver with pink gems. She had marked me before and i was just looking in the mirror telling myself “this wont hurt, this wont hurt” 😳

I was a little nervous but not to bad because i have my cartilage pierced and she told me that my belly button would hurt way less. So i layed on the bed, she put on a clamp and said “ok are you ready” i told her that ” i’m ready as i’ll ever be”!

She was like ” ok take a deep breath in (poked the needle thru at the time i was taking a deep breath in) and then out” i asked her “was that is are you serious?” shes like “yep your all done. just make sure you clean it twice a day with sea salt that’s the best for it.”

It’s been about three weeks since i got my belly button pierced and yes i did show my sister🙂

We are close enough that she didnt tell my parents. But summer time is comming aroung and i’m going to wanna swim in my pool but then my parents will find out but im ready to tell them because the worst they will do is be a little dissapointed.

And that’s my story 😉


  1. eya
    did u end up telling your parents in the end i have got my belly button done for 8 months now and my mum knows because she took my to ave it done but my dad doesn,t know i need to tell him becaue i am suppose to be going on holiday with him in the summer but i am scared to tell him incase he goes mad at me cos after i had it done i went to my dad’s tat nigt for tea and in conversation i said to my dad “what would you say if i got my belly button done? ” and he said ” i would never let you have that done wy spoil your body” but then i tought well too late i have already had it done

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