By Jasmine from Manchester.

i have always wanted my belly button pierced from a young age so for my 13th birthday i decided to get it done after a couple of weeks of mithering off my mum she gave me permission to have it done.i went to afflecks palace in the center of manchester because i always go in it for clothes and make up and its a place where i felt at ease.

i went with my friend at the time because she was getting hers done too, it was a boiling hot day in august we had our belly tops on getting ready to show our piercings off. we went up toi the place nervous and drinking our literes of water. we asked could we have it done he phoned our parents for permission and my friend went in first.

it was like doomsday when the heavily pierced and tattoed man closed the door. she came out happy and i was then eager to then get mine done, so i went in he sprayed a numbing spray on it and mad a dat to see where to pierce it he got the clamp on it and told me not to move…. it felt like i was on a rollercoaster when i had i done the butterflies in my stomach it hurt for half a second but then it was fine.

that week i went back to school at the time the school was strict with piercings so when i was doing p.e i had to do trampolining. and my teacher told me to do a front drop so i did i wasnt confident on trampolines after my front drop i had a sharp pain in my stomach i thought it was period pains or something.

i got off the trampoline feeling dizzy and un well my friend pointed on my white t-shirt and there was a big soaked patch of blood near my stomach i panicked and looked at my piercing it had been pulled half out of the hole and was gushing with blood my teacher was shouting at me due to that it was against the school rules.

i had a tear in my eye as i pulled it out i then re pierced it in the other bit of skin which hadnt been torn now my piercing is wonky but is all better now and healed just a warning be careful and LOOK AFTER YOUR PIERCING 🙂

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