Breaking the Rules

By aKeke from Texas.

So , I’m 17 years old and i have been wanting a belly button pierced since i was about 15. I knew my mom would say no if i asked for one. So on my 17th birthday i just decided ima get my belly pieced on my own, i just had to get the money.

So i find out that my uncle that does tattoos tought his oldest daughter, who is my age and also my cousin, to do piercings. About a month ago i talk to my aunt who was going to my uncle house and i knew it was my opportunity to get my belly pierced. So, i went to my uncle house and seen my cousin, we talk and caught up, then i told her that i wanted my belly pierced.

Now she knows my mom and how she can get so she was scared just thinking about doing without my mom knowing. So after debating about it for 10 mintues she agreed to do it but right before i was leaving to go home. The time went by and it was 15 mintues before 9 and she went inside to set up the stuff to do my piercing.

She bought out the sissor looking thing that pinches the skin and tried itout on me , it hurted a bit but i still wanted it done. So we went into the bathroom and she had everything ready and set up. My heart started beating fast and i got really nervous and was about to bag down but i looked and seen she had everything ready, so i took a deep breathe and was ready for the sissor thing again. She pinched my skin and got the needle(she had on gloves and use all clean materails and stuff), i told her not to tell me when she was about to do it but she said she had to so i could breathe in and out.

So she asked me was i ready and i told her yeah, she told me to breathe in…i looked up and breathe in and bam the needle was in my skin. I looked down and i seen her sliding out the needle and replacing it with my ring. “That it, it’s over?” i asked. “Yep thats it.”my cousin said. “That didnt really hurt that bad.” i thought to myself. Now a month later and my mom still doen’t know…lol i tell her one day. 🙂

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