my bellybutton story

by christina


i wanted ma belly pierced since i was 10. i always asked my mom but she always said no . in the summer of 2007 i was 12 and she said if i was good for 30 days straight i could get it. of course. that didn’t happen..

i asked all school year. but the answer was still no. my dad said he would take me if my mom agreed. but she didn’t. i pleaded all year. until she finally said yes thanks to my friend Danielle who had hers before ne, that’s what made my mom say OK.

so my dad and step mom took me down to rc’s tattoo. we went in and filled out the papers. it wasn’t to scary in there because i already have my nose pierced. i got it wen i was 12 my step dad took me but anyway..

we filled out da papers and the guy asked me if i was ready.. i said no! but he opened the door and let me into the back of the tattoo shop. i laid down on the chair and i was so nervous i was shaking so bad! the guy john put this yellow stuff on there to clean it.

then the clippers were put onto my bellybutton. then he got out the needle that i was familiar with because it looked like the same one i got my nose pierced with. and he told me to take 3 deep breathes. but by the time i took 1 breath the needle was in!

he put this ugly hoop in that i did not want but i knew in a little while i could eventually change it.

it been about a month now and i changed it even though they said to keep the ugly hoop in for 8 weeks not 4. but i couldn’t help it. i love my belly button piercing.

i got it in June of 2008 it only took me a year to finally convince my mom lol. and i hope for all of uu that are thinking about getting it.. i hope uu do.

its definitely worth it and no pain at all!

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