Got It On Gay Pride

by Edda

(Reykjavik; ICELAND)

Tongue Piercing <33

Tongue Piercing <33

So, On Gay Pride 2006 I decided to just go 4 it, I was only 15 at the time:
I went in and said i wanted to get my belly pierced, but the piercer was a little busy so he told us too come back in an hour, so I did.

When I was 1 i didn’t look 15 so he told me to just jump in the chair and he’d be there in 2 min ‘cuz he’d have 2 get very thing ready :] I got my piercing and that was it, didn’t hurt at all 😀

My mom found out just recently cuz I went to the doctors, but she was fine with it,
She was a little pissed cuz 3 months ago I went to Austria and got my tongue pierced.. and when i was 13 I got my nose pierced and got my ears pierced about 12times in that period 4 years so now I have 15 piercings 😀

and not stopping yet!
I want a
Christina piercing
and a reverse navel and then I’ll be DONE with piercings … i hope

I was on gay pride because my bezt friend is gay; luv him so much

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