sweet 16

by Laura F.

(Leicester, UK.)

Ok, well ever since i was really young i always loved the belly button piering, i thought it was really prety but not in a million years wouold my mum let me get it done.

Anyway Last week was my sweet sixteenth and it took me about 3 weeks of begging to finally get my mum and step-dad to agree on letting me having it done. I was sooo excited so i checked out a shop Near me Called Kazbah!

The day came when i went to get it done. It cost quite alot because i had to have a solid gold belly bar. I went with my boyfriend into the shop and the peircer took me upstairs where there was a girl etting a tattoo gone but a plastic screen seperated us.

I stood up at first so the piercer could mark on the mark just above my belly button. I then laid done and she covered me in this cold solution. I held me boyfriends hand and she told me she was just lining the needle up so i wasnt really expecting her to go straight for it but then i felt a sharp pain go through my skin.

It wasnt that bad just hurt for a few seconds. It also hurt a bit when she hooked the belly bar through but not for long. I felt quite light headed after that so she told me to lie down untill i felt ok.

**Tip** Take some coke along to your peircing because your sugar levels drop!

Anyway thats about it, its been about 3 weeks now and its doing fine. I wash it with Salt water and apply pure tea tree to help it dry up.

If your thinking about getting it done — Go for it!And if your parents wont let you just keep trying and don’t give up!


  1. yours is sooooooooooooo cute 🙂
    and its not too crooked, its probably just your position
    and where can you get tea tree?

  2. that doesnt look straight at all.
    mine was done in a park, with a needle we bought from karma. The guy who did it was soooo stoned…. but mines still more straight than yours.

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