By Sherita Norman, Louisisana

Belly Button Infection

OK I am 17 years old and decided to get my piercing on JAN.31 2009.

My mom took me and I was real excited! I filled out my papers and layed on the table as the lady pierced me. It did not hurt but I couldn’t sit down or bend. It was so cute and I really love it and I am ready to change it. This weekend( April 4) I took it out thinking that it was healed but I started to bleed for the first time.

It was hard where the skin was in between the two balls. I stuck it back in and there was more blood, but then it stopped. It does not hurt and I guess that I have not been cleaning it the 3 to 6 times a day,but I do use peroxide and I am out of the sea salt stuff.

People say that dial soap helps so I am about to buy some. Can anyone tell me if it is infected because I am not really scared but I am cautious…