The time my piercing got a nasty infection

By Christina from Palm Harbor.

 I’ve had my belly button piercing for almost a year now. A few months ago, I got this really cute belly button ring from my state fair. They told me it was surgical steel. So you know, I went ahead and bought it. The only problem with it is that the ball screwed in from the bottom instead of the top of the jewelry. I absolutely loved it. But after a week or so, I noticed my belly button was looking a little red and painful. I figured I hit it or spelt on it funny. So I shrugged it off. A few days later, I noticed it stared oozing green goo. You know the nasty green stuff that body oozes to show that you have an infection? It was nasty! I had begged my parents for two years to get my belly button pierced, so I was definitely not giving up this easily, even though my mom kept nagging at me to take it out because she thinks shes a bad influence on me. whatever. I changed the belly button ring, and smothered it in rubbing alcohol and single anti biotic ointment. That seemed to help a boat load. S now I wear a 14k gold Captive Bead Ring (CBR) and I’m really happy with it. Although it was insanely difficult to get the ball to go in between the two rods.

The time my belly piercing RIPPED out…

By Val from Tinley Park.
I finally convinced my parents to let me get my belly pieced as my Christmas gift when I was about to turn 17. I had always desired the look, especially since I had a good figure for a belly piercing. One of my good friends recently got hers done and so I decided to go to the same place.

I went to Body by Design. My parents had to take me in a couple days after Christmas since I wasn’t old enough to get it done by myself. When I walked in, I thought the shop looked cool and sanitary. The piercer I had was extremely nice and worked well with me and my fear of needles. She kept me calm. She used a clamp, which I thought helped with numbing up the area before she stuck the needle through.

I have a low pain tolerance, but I believe the procedure was quick and not too painful. It was more of just a quick pinch. I would compare it to like getting a shot. The piercing cost me $50 and then I gave a $5 tip. When I started to head out, I started to become lightheaded. The piercer informed me that thi is normal with some people.

She informed me to sit down and she gave me a water bottle and a sucker to bring up my sugar level. They gave me a bottle of sanitizer and told me to clean it every day. She also told me not to play with the piercing as it was healing, so it wouldn’t get infected. The night I got home, I was showing my friends my new piercing. As I kept looking at it, I noticed it seemed to be piercing extremely close to the skin. I thought maybe it was just because I was really skinny and didn’t have much fat on my stomach.

Not even two months later, I woke up one morning and my piercing was lying next to my bed. When I looked at my belly button, it was ripped so I couldn’t put the piercing back in and I have a little scar there when the skin closed back up. Even though I had a not so great experience with my first belly piercing, I’m going to get mine re-pierced this summer.

I’m not going to go to the same place obviously, but I’m definitely going to research the place next time…..

Bellybutton Disaster!

By Jessica from Canada.
For my fourteenth birthday, I thought it would be fun to go get my navel piercing done. My dad agreed to take me (my mom said she’d pass out if she took me) and we went to this little alternative/piercing place in the mall.

We got there and the piercer took me into a little room and started scrubbing my belly down. My stomach was stained bright orange for a good day and a half afterwards, so you know.

Once I was clamped and the needle was halfway through, the piercer decided it would be a good idea to have a break or something. She walked away, stretched her legs, and came back and finished. It didn’t hurt and I was super excited it was over. We finished up and went home.

A couple of weeks later, my ring decided to spit the lower part of my bellybutton during the middle of class and start bleeding everywhere! I went back to the place I got it done at and this guy said the person had been fired for too many mistakes on piercings or something,

He took a look and said that she had probably piercd it way too low and while it was healing, it corrected itself and pulled upwards.After that, it got really infected from being an open wound, and took forever to heal. Now I have a big scar (luckily its on the bottom of my ring and its almost completely hidden) 🙁

Moral of the story: ALWAYS find out from other people if piercing shops are reliable or not!

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Stupid yet cute Idea!

By Janice, from Tx.
I want to say that I did pierce my own belly when I was 14. Stupid I know but I loved and wanted this piercing soooooo much but my mom is strictly NO to any piercings, including my industrial.

Anyway I was searching the web for pictures of goth clothing and etc. when I came across a couple body jewelry sites. I looked at the belly rings first, and I instantly knew I wanted this piercing. I asked my mom several times in the span of a couple of months. Same answer always was no.

I finally had enough and decided to do it myself.
After school one day, I went to a friend’s house. I had already bought a belly ring from walmart and I had gathered up a sewing needle, some alcohol wipes, a clamp, and a clean towel. I sat down in the middle of my friend’s bedroom , put the clamp onto my belly,marked the spot with a pen, cleaned the needle, and prepared myself for the pain. I knew the moment the sewing needle went through my flesh I was going to regret it. I bit down on my lips and the neede finally went through. The worst pain I ever felt in my life was when my friend helped me push the belly ring through the much smaller hole in my belly. I wanted this piercings so much, yet I knew I shouldn’t have done this.

After a couple weeks, though, my piercing got infected like I knew it would, and after the infection healed, I noticed that the piercing itself was way too shallow to heal right so I took it out. I was sooooo upset, but I eventually got to get it pierced by a professional. Please do not pierce yourself, guys and girls. Bad Idea. I didn’t have a noticable scar, but I still know that I damaged myself and it hurt more when I got it done properly than it would have if I had not gotten impatient.

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Almost blacked out when i got it then it got infected….

By Sandrene from Jamaica.
My best friend and i always planned to get our navel pierced together so we finally picked a day February 5, 2011. We went up to the store and we chose our first navel ring. I went first it was pretty quick and easy no blood/ pain.

So i started feeling nauseous and the piercer made me smell some alcohol but i didn’t really helped. But i was done so i walked back into the waiting area while i was walking i felt like i was sweating hard and i was in AC pretty weird for someone who don’t normally sweat. So i moved quickly to a stool and sat down but i still felt sick.

My eyes started getting blurry so i knew what was happening. (The last time that happened was because i watched someones hand that got cut being nursed and at the end i was very close to blacking out.)

So i shouted out for help and someone came to me. my best friend started freaking out while she was getting her navel done. So hers started to bleed alot. Someone started to fan me and i closed my eyes so i wouldn’t get too dizzy.

Mybest friend went and got me water and it helped so i just had to relax for a while. Plus i couldn’t let my mom find out. A couple of months passed and my piercing started to drain and i started to get a rash inside my navel. So i talked to my piercer and she told me to get somethings to help.

I went and bought them but it started to get worst inside my navel started to look darker and it started to strip alot. So i finally went to the Doc 3 weeks after because i was working and i had no time to go without letting my parents know. so she gave me some pills and a product to apply after i clean the piercing. after a week i saw a little difference so i continued with the product.

i also changed the navel ring and the infection went away. i still see little sighs of infection so i’m going back to the doctor soon. Well all my friends love my piercing and i want to get a next one done but i’m not sure if i can handle it!

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Torn to pieces…

By Charlotte, Manchester

Belly Button Piercing

I was really excited because after 1 year of nagging i was finally allowed to get my belly button peirced at the age of 13. I went into town with my mum and i was shaking and felt really scared. 😯

My mum had to sign afew forms and i signed it. I read on the letter she gave me, possible problems: 1- heavy bleeding 2- Redness and soreness 3- crusty discolouring 4- blood disease and there was a massive big list of all the things that can go wrong with it.

I had wanted it for so long, I wasn’t the kind of person to just give up! So I went ahead, into the small clean room and met a woman called Alex, she told me there was nothing to worry about. I calmed down and grabbed my mums hand, she counted to 3, in it went, no pain at all just a pin prick.

2 weeks later it started swelling up around the top ball and it was turning red, it started bleeding loads, I started washing it three times a day and my skin was really irritated. My belly button looked so pretty when I first got it and I really don’t understand how this happened.

I think I was allergic to the metal. Anyway in the next week (3 weeks after my peircing) the skin around it started cracking and getting really sore. Soon the skin in between the 2 shiny pink balls had split in half. I was devestated. 😡

It had looked beautiful the week I had got it, I took care of it and everything! My mum put said it was because I had been messing around with it, but I hadn’t even touched it, I was freaked out by the letter and I knew I was going to follow Alex’s instuctions to care for it properly. It was my worst peircing experience EVER, (I only ever had my ears peirced at 6 months!) I was totally devestated. It had looked so pretty before and its a mess now. 🙁


By Sherita Norman, Louisisana

Belly Button Infection

OK I am 17 years old and decided to get my piercing on JAN.31 2009.

My mom took me and I was real excited! I filled out my papers and layed on the table as the lady pierced me. It did not hurt but I couldn’t sit down or bend. It was so cute and I really love it and I am ready to change it. This weekend( April 4) I took it out thinking that it was healed but I started to bleed for the first time.

It was hard where the skin was in between the two balls. I stuck it back in and there was more blood, but then it stopped. It does not hurt and I guess that I have not been cleaning it the 3 to 6 times a day,but I do use peroxide and I am out of the sea salt stuff.

People say that dial soap helps so I am about to buy some. Can anyone tell me if it is infected because I am not really scared but I am cautious…

Samantha’s Belly Button Infection

By Samantha

… i got my belly button done like a month and a couple weeks ago… and at first it was healing amazingly … but then my boyfriend bought me a nice belly button ring and it hadnt been six months yet and the percier told me to wait six to eight weeks untill i could change it…

so i really wanted to put his belly button ring in so i did… and then that night i went to a dance and it was okay but it really hurt… so that night when i got home i looked at it and i had a big stain of blood on my t-shirt … because it bleed i guess …

i was scared so i just had a shower and went to bed… at about 3 or 4 in the morning i was still up… in pain i couldnt move and if i did my belly button would kill me so i woke up and asked my sister who also has hers done to look at it … she said it looked okay and then i took the ball off and she almost puked because the blood started gushing out …

and it was really strange! so i went and took it out after five minutes of letting it out i realize that i wanted it in badly and the pain started to subside… so i took my original hoop and put it in again the blood started but then immeditly stopped! i went a week with the ball off the hoop because it wouldnt click on… now my dad put it back on for me about 1 in a half weeks after that i noticed a little lump on my belly button…

i thought it was my scar from when i got it done before i didnt think anything of it… i just said whatever that little lump was skin colour and it started to get bigger.. i showed my mom and dad and they said it looks like a little ball of puss or a blister so i took a needle and tryed to pop it it just started to bleed…

my parent told me to leave it so i did this moring i woke up and my belly button was really swollen but its like a pinkish colour… the lump had gotten a bit bigger… when i got home from school i waited till my mom got home at 5:30 so she could check itout she also has her belly button done… she told me that i should go have a bath and put absin saults in it so ! i did…

it felt helpful… i got out of the tub and my friend called so i went in the other room and i lifted up my shirt to see what had happend and i saw all this white puss come out and i was ready to trow up… i went in and showed my mom she said omgsh its infected badly go clean it so i went and then i came back with my cleaning stuff as i was cleaning it the lump had ripped opened and started pussing as well and my mom was like eww… and so was i …

it also started to bleed and everytime i squeeze the pinkish swollen part all the puss starts to come even more and thicker… it has been doing this scine 9:30 pm and its now 11:36pm… i asked to go get a docters appointment and they are taking me tomorrow! 🙁 i dont wanna take it out but if is kinda hurting me and getting very badly infexted so idk!!

please comment and help me and no rude comments thanks for ready my long ass story !!!! lol but it is all true i will take pics and show it but you will trow up !! trust! but peace dont forget to comment!!

Horrible Ending To A Birthday Gift…

By Shanay, Brooklyn

Belly Infection Story

For my 16th birthday my mom finally let me get a belly piercing. at first i was scared but the fact that i waited so long to get it, i had to go through with it.

The first week was heaven! i could wear my favorite crop tops and half shirts. then tragedy struck… after getting stuck on my shirt one morning it began to bleed.

The next couple days i noticed it started to puss green fluid and was sore to the touch. i just began to wash it everyday and keep an eye on it until my stomach aches started.

I started to get stomach aches and my skin turned blackish purple around my navel. i didnt know what to do so i told my mom and we went to the doctor.

The doctor told me that the only way to fix it was to surgically remove it and close the hole. after my surgery, they told me never to get one again… my dream birthday gift turned into my nightmare..

Navel piercing horror

By Chris, Rockhampton Qld Australia

Navel Piercing Infection

I had my belly button piercing done a week ago – did all the right cleaning instructions – by day 4 i had a swollen stomach, nausea, fever, very red site.

I got my partner to take me to hospital and was immediately put on drip with 3 antibiotics running through – and told i was very lucky, if i’d waited much longer i would have been unconscious and require urgent surgery. the infection travels to the liver and forms abscess and blood poisoning and can eventually be fatal.

My advice to anyone – be very careful and any sign of feelin unwell get medical help immediately. I am on strong antibiotics for 10 days now , still tender stomach and oozing site. Please be very careful!!!!