By Sherita Norman, Louisisana

Belly Button Infection

OK I am 17 years old and decided to get my piercing on JAN.31 2009.

My mom took me and I was real excited! I filled out my papers and layed on the table as the lady pierced me. It did not hurt but I couldn’t sit down or bend. It was so cute and I really love it and I am ready to change it. This weekend( April 4) I took it out thinking that it was healed but I started to bleed for the first time.

It was hard where the skin was in between the two balls. I stuck it back in and there was more blood, but then it stopped. It does not hurt and I guess that I have not been cleaning it the 3 to 6 times a day,but I do use peroxide and I am out of the sea salt stuff.

People say that dial soap helps so I am about to buy some. Can anyone tell me if it is infected because I am not really scared but I am cautious…


  1. hello. i just got my belly pierced almost 3 weeks ago . i cleaned it how i was suppose to but i also used peroxide and alcohol, now where both holes are they’ve gotten darker than my skin color, mind you im light skinned, so is this because the peroxide and alcohol irritated it, or is it bruised because it is not healed yet ? will the marks go away ? someone please help me :/

  2. well…I got mines, January 29, 2010 && it looks just like yours, but I used peroxide && it kind of got infected after using it…It’s not infected that much, just a Li’l && yours looks fine (: . Just tell me, did the small bell pierce your skin a li’l , like dig in ?

  3. hay guys my piercer said don’t use dial because its also to harsh and contains perfume use unscented hypoallergenic body wash i have the dove brand and he also said bactine is a good wound was to use after showers and use saline soak or salt water soak at leas once a day if u can .. i talked to him yesterday becouse i read this form so ……

  4. First of all the bar is too short. It should be longer to allow for swelling. Dial is best and go to the grocery store and buy sea salt and make you own solution.

  5. this is gonna sounds really strange but i got mine done when i was 11 and im 21 now and never had a problem with it and mine healed in a week and i didnt use sea salt or dial soap or anything like that i used johnson and johnson baby shampoo and it healed beautifully and faster then any ones i know

  6. Hey, I got my belly pierced about one week ago. Its not sore or tender at all, i cant feel it, even when i accedently hit it a couple days ago! I get a teeny bit of crust around it, but its pretty red around the holes, and it has been for2-3 days. Its not hot to touch, not bleeding, no discharge. But the redness is scaring me. Is it ok, or infected?

  7. I got mine done the other day, don’t use any kind of dial soap. Just use reg. sea salt solution. It looks only irriated. The guy that did mine said to go to a tattoo place to switch it out the first time, i haven’t switched mine out yet but, yours looks only irriated. Keep cleaning it and wait about 8 weeks i’d say.

  8. Yours looks just like mines just switch the ring to alonger one so your piercing can breathe then use sea salt and an anti baterial soap twice a day and use a warm rag so the swelling goes down I did this one mines is gettin better your is pierced alittle higher like mines lol

  9. what size ring is the one you have in now? and what size can you change it too with out being uncomfortable?

  10. hey sherita it is kinda red…. i just got mines pierced jan 23 and i changed it the next month, mines look fine,, i think you should go to the doctor and i think you should let the lady who pierced it check it out… word of advice go buy some sea salt from the jewlry section in walmart and STOP using peroixde that might be the reason why it looks like that..

  11. i got mine done about a month ago and the piercer said DONT use peroxide it dries it out and thats not good i ran out of the sea salt stuff and they told me to use bactine so try that.. but it doesnt look infected just irritated

  12. hey i have a lot of piercings and from my experience you should probably put it back in a heal it for a little while longer. belly piercings take 6 to 12 months to heal properly. also never use peroxide !!! it makes the hole irritated and it will expand which is gross =(( ne way hope yours works out okay and i hope this helps !!!! =)

  13. lol like everyone is saying ur not supposed to change it cause some rings that are made aren’t made of pure metal and that irritates ur skin so u have to keep it in till its healed like 4 months just to be sure and its not fully healed till 4 months to 1 yr. Also dial antibacterial soap is good to use but u should get a saline solution or sea salt and water soaks. Your only supposed to clean it 1-2 times a day because if u over clean it, it could lead to infection and peroxide just dries ur skin out making it take longer to actually heal and don’t fiddle with ur ring either.
    Hope urs works i have to get mines done again grrrr

  14. Dial soap is bad for it.
    I got my belly button done about 2wks ago and my peircer says that Dial soap will just irritate it more.
    but yours doesnt look infected tho,just keep cleaning it.

  15. ok this looks like your having a reaction to it now go to this web site and read on the bioplast one because there are mostly for people who have this kind of stuff
    HOPE IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(;

  16. heeeey shirita !

    i just got my belly botton done about , well actually tomorrow ; july 11th . will be month since i ve qot it . nd i heard from a friend the first time you take it out it starts to bleed out . cause its like held in and your pretty much lettinq it out . – its not infected ; cause mine looks juss like that lmao like its juss a lil irritated . nd yeah i used the peroxide like once n dthen it qot all irritated like that so i called the piercinq person and they told me not to , so i wouldnt if i were you .

    oh nd you dont have to leave the rinq in for 4 months juss one would do it .

  17. I just got mine done and they told me to NEVER ever use peroxide! Use sea salt soaks and some soap. They told me at my shop that it can leak and it is not infected unless whatever is coming out is GREEN! so you’re okay just put the original ring back in.

  18. The same thing happend to me and i started using peroxide becasue i thought it would clean it better and the peircing actually pushed itself out of my body, it was really bad but it now healing and it leaft a purple scar.. its gross so i think im going to try and redo it.

  19. it doesn’t look infected but when i changed mine one time it did start to bleed but then i bought savlon its a yellow powder spray u just leave it on to dry its amazingg xx

  20. sherita,
    luckily you probably just irritated it, but YES you do need to buy some more saline solution and dont use neosporin because it isn’t for piercings lol its for cuts! 🙂 i no u didn’t say u were using it, but just a little heads up. I wish you the best of luck with your new piercing and try to be as careful as possible with it. Also do NOT change it until you know it is completely healed. again-i wish you the very best of luck 🙂

  21. its not infected its just irrataited..dont use peroxide because it hurts it. i used alchol tho! 🙂 but mine wuz bad….if it starts to get infectd take it out a put a real one in it

  22. hey… just a heads up ur not suposed to use peroxide because its too harsh for the wound to heal…use antibiotial soap like dial…and u can make ur own salt solution

    put enough salt for thewater to just about look cloudy but not too much

    ur belly probly isnt infected but its a good idea to not take out the original ring for at least 4 months…then u can change it out


  23. Hi Sherita,

    It doesn’t look like it’s infected, it’s just irritated as it wasn’t healed properly yet.

    Yes, you can use Dial but I’d say get a new bottle of saline solution and soak it 1 – 2 times a day, just a little bit.

    You see – your body needs to heal the fresh wound, and the more you’re going to touch it, twist the belly ring etc, the more difficult it’s actually going to be for your body to form the new layer of skin.

    You can read more about different antibacterial products in my article here:

    And here’s about LITHA :

    Hope this helps,

    Robby 😉

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