Fake Belly Button Rings

If you have always wanted to wear a cool belly button ring but hesitated because your parents or school wouldn’t let you, we have some good news! 😉

Fake belly button rings are amazingly cool jewelry items that you can buy and wear. Check out the range below – click on any link to see prices and latest offers. Rings are up to 80% off RRP! You don’t have to go through the pain of piercing. You can simply choose from the amazing variety available and dazzle your friends because fake belly button rings look just like real navel piercings!

Navel piercings are the favorite body piercing for many celebrities all over the world. Another advantage of fake belly button rings is that you can check out how you’ll look and how it feels like before you go in for the real thing! You can wear a variety of these for different occasions.

Easy to wear and easy to remove, fake belly button rings can be simply applied to the skin and taken off when you don’t want to wear them any longer.

You can just glue them on with non-toxic glue that usually comes along with the belly button rings. The best thing is, they can used over and over if you peel them off carefully. Once you take them off, you just need to wash the area with soap and water. When you wear them, they look as though you have got a real navel piercing. This kind of fake belly button ring does not leave any permanent marks on your skin and it is safe to wear because only FDA certified colors are used!

Fake belly button rings are designed to fit any regular navel and are made in the same size as the real navel jewelry. These belly button rings are inexpensive and you can buy them in a range of colors and designs. Why go through the hassles of the real piercing, healing etc. when you can easily enjoy the same thing with fake belly button rings?

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