Bioplast navel ring – for your first piercing!

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Biocompatible, flexible, faster healing…These are benefits of a navel ring made from bioplast. Have you heard of this new material? Let me tell you a little about Bioplast – a material which has gained huge popularity due to its great features.bioplast belly rings

Bioplast is a bio – compatible material. Your fresh piercing won’t reject it as a foreign body and will heal more quickly and better. You’ll have less swelling and the likelihood of getting an infection will be reduced, too. To insert a bioplast navel ring into your freshly pierced belly button, the piercer has to autoclave it – treat with very high temperature to kill the possible infections. No bother – bioplast can be sterilized up to 121°c! Bioplast belly button ring is flexible and allows your belly piercing bigger range of movement compared to metallic body jewelry. It means your belly button will be subject to less tearing. You can choose bioplast navel jewelry in 8 colors. This is great since the other synthetic material, PTFE, which can also be used for first time piercings, doesn’t come in colors. Bottom line : Bioplast is one of the best materials for initial belly button piercing!

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