Especially For Your Belly Button, Issue #003

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April 12, 2007
My dear reader!

Welcome to the issue #003 of Especially For Your Belly Button – your monthly online magazine from Belly Button Rings Guide!

It’s been another month and here we go again – something new in the world of belly buttons and piercings.

Last time you were reading this e-zine it was still a bit cold and you couldn’t walk in a T-shirt so that your belly button could breathe a fresh spring air…

Since then there have been days when the Sun was shining generously and you certainly want to buy some new piece of belly ring!

In this issue you’ll read the following:

1) The perfect belly button

2) Navel gazing

3) Site updates

4) Nice piercings – handpicked by me!

The perfect belly button

There are so many different belly buttons – size, shape, hooding, and protrusion varies from one person to another. What we could consider to be a beautiful belly button? Let’s try to define it!

A perfect navel should be an extension of the stomach, does not dominate, and flows naturally with movement. And if it has a small hood – it’s a bonus! Last of all – vertically shaped belly buttons tend to look more attractive.

However, nothing is perfect on this world and we have to accept our bodies as they are, don’t we? No matter what kind of belly button you have – it’s yours and nobody can deprive you from lust having exactly that belly button and not other:-)

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can carelessly afford to neglect your waist. If you want your belly button to look well you must be aware of the surrounding area. For instance – sagging skin and fat can make the belly button less visible and less attractive. So – if you’ve put on some spare weight during the long winter months – it’s time to become fitter!

After all – summer isn’t behind mountains and pretty soon you’ll be able to walk around in a short shirt so that others can see your belly button sporting a new belly ring!

Navel gazing

Is there such a thing as “navel gazing” – you may ask? Yes, and it’s called “omphaloscopy” in Greek and means “contemplating a navel in order to meditate”. “Omphalopsychic” was a person who gazed upon their own navel to initiate a hypnotic state of mind.

Later on the Greek Christian monks of Mount Athos, which is the oldest monastic republic still in existence, used a method “Hesychasm” which involves focusing on ones navel.

As far as I can understand they considered their belly buttons a places on body through which they could connect to their souls.
However, I like by far better contemplate my wife’s navel:-)

Site updates

A week ago we did some shopping for new belly jewelry with my wife on the Net and eventually added something to the website, too. One of the new pages tells you about
Spiral Navel Rings
belly piercings that have spiral shape and to get them into your navel you just have to twist them in!

In fact they are modified full rings with the ends overlapping and aren’t as convenient for everyday use as bananabells.

However, my wife puts her new spiral belly ring in every now and then – just for the sake of variety:-) So I reckon you might want to have a look at them.

Nice piercings – handpicked by me!

target=”_top”>Aqua Gem CLARITY Dangle Belly Ring

Aqua Gem Belly Ring

This classic style Aqua Gem Belly Button Ring was the first one that got my attention when I recently was browsing the Net for new piercings. Its drop like, curvy dangle creates the elegance around it and I believe you wouldn’t hesitate to put it in when going out in an evening dress.

925 Sterling Silver Clear CRYSTAL CIRCULAR 3-D Belly Ring3 – D Belly Rings

3 – D Belly Rings is my latest discovery. There’s a whole range of belly piercings called “3 – D” and they’re designed in order to create an impression as if that 3 – D object – a disc, a cube with a ball in it or something else – sits in the middle of the navel.

I certainly will set up a page about those 3 – D piercings and when it’s done you’ll be the first one to hear about it!

Bioplast Dangle Belly Ring

If you’re only thinking about getting a belly piercing – this kind of a belly ring is a way to go. Bioplast is a material widely recognized to improve healing, reduce the likelihood of belly button infection and it doesn’t look bad, does it?

Bioplast belly rings usually come without any dangles and if you want to have a nice dangling belly ring in your navel straight away – there you go!

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Anyway, if you find it a bit too difficult, just keep on reading the next issues of the e-zine and you’ll be informed about the same updates.

If you have any friends who might like receiving this e-zine – forward it! Or, if this e-zine has been sent to you by one of your friends, you can subscribe to it using
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Thank you so much for reading my magazine and my website – I really hope you enjoy it and you’ve found info you’ve been looking for. And – of course – bought new belly rings!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

Belly Button Rings Guide

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