Especially For Your Belly Button, Issue #001

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Especially For Your Belly Button, Issue #001

February 01, 2007

My dear subscriber!

I’m happy to launch issue #001 of Especially For Your Belly Button – a monthly online magazine (or e-zine) from Belly Button Rings Guide!

In each issue of Especially For Your Belly Button you’ll find a number of belly ring latest styles, belly button facts, good deals at online body jewelry stores…and my website updates! You’ll receive the latest site updates so that you can know what’s new in Belly Button Rings Guide without having to visit it yourself – I’ll let you know about everything!

In this issue you’ll read following:

1) Valentine’s Day is coming – embellish your belly button accordingly!

2) Breast implant through…belly button?!?

3) Site updates

4) Body jewelry bargains

Valentine’s Day is coming – embellish your belly button accordingly!


It’s just 2 weeks till February 14 – the day of all lovers! Whether you’ve just started dating or been together for years a small symbol of your love will make your partner happier! And what you think I’m going to suggest you? Yes – you guessed right:-) – a nice belly ring will add that special sparkle to your Valentine’s Day’s greeting.

You can give your partner a Valentine’s theme belly ring as a gift wrapped up in a gift box. Or – if you already have another gift prepared – you can stick that belly ring into the greeting card – isn’t it a good idea?

Passion Pink HOLLOW HEART DROP Belly Ring

Maybe your beloved one has been thinking of getting a navel piercing for some time. Why not make it now? Go together to a piercing studio on the Saint Valentine’s Day and get that belly button ring with a heart inserted straight away!

Just be aware that not all of them can be autoclaved (sterilized) at a piercing studio because the dangles and acrylic endings cannot endure the temperature they’ll be subject to.

Breast implant through…belly button?!?

Yes – an endoscope tube is inserted under the skin through a cut in the belly button. Then it’s worked up over the ribs and finally to the breasts. Rolled-up breast implants then are moved through the tube and placed between the breasts and the ribcage and filled with salt water!

This is the latest trend in breast enlargement industry and is scientifically called “Transumbilical Breast Augmentation” or

Apart from the obvious advantage of having no scars under the breasts or the armpits, there are a whole lot of them – less healing time, decreased likelihood of bacterial infection, no loss of sensitivity in the nipples (if incisions are made in that area), you can sunbathe topless and not wait till the scar tissue below your breasts matures – simply because there are no scars! A tiny incision in the navel leaves a barely visible scar and is not a bother at all.

I found a place on the Net where you can find a surgeon in your state who performs TUBA surgery –

try it yourself!

Site updates

Celebrities with belly button rings
– I started a page where I’m going to compile info about the most renowned celebs and about their belly piercings. You can read about how Britney got her navel re-pierced and where she did that, and browse Britney’s official body jewelry retailer, too.

Have a look at Paris Hilton’s jewelry collection and see if the belly ring is available – the last time I checked it was out of the stock – I guess people love it!

Body Candy jewelry shopping guide

– it’s a page where you can see how I was shopping for belly rings at Body Candy
– one of the best online body jewelry retailers.

You’ll be guided through the shopping process step by step and you’ll see how simply it is to get new belly piercings! I recommend this page if you aren’t familiar with shopping online yet and might be a bit confused in this regard.

To be honest – when I used my credit card for the first time, I was anxious, because – whatever you do for the first time – it seems to be difficult.

How to change belly ring
– it’s a page where you can see how my wife takes out her first belly button ring and inserts a new one. It’s a step to step guide – I shot every stage of the process and you can follow it if you’ve ready to insert a new belly ring into your newly healed piercing.

Body jewelry bargains

One of the best online jewelry stores offers a good deal – GET 10% OFF on All Body Jewelry
No Minimum Purchase Required.
Enter Coupon Code CJ10 at Check-Out.
If you need a little help shopping online, avail of my BodyCandy jewelry shopping guide by
clicking this link.

To stay updated of my website’s new content, you can subscribe for the RSS feed – that’s a new feature on the Net where you have an RSS feed reader and receive updates in the form of a small message from those websites where you subscribe.

To avail of this, go to my website
Belly Button Rings Guide

and under the navigation bar you’ll see a an RSS feed box. By clicking on “What’s an RSS feed?” you’ll open a window where there’s everything explained.

Thank you so much for reading my magazine and my website – I really hope you enjoy it and you’ve found info that interests you. And – of course – bought new belly rings!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

Belly Button Rings Guide

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