You’re never too old

My daughter bugged me for two years wanting her belly button pierced. I finally gave in and had it pierced for her on her 15th birthday.

My daughter is a wimp when it comes to pain but I had to tell her that it was done she never flinched. I’ve always thought that a belly piercing was pretty and once I seen that it didn’t hurt at all since my daughter never ouched or even knew that the piercing was finished.

I started thinking that I wanted mine done. Well, I had to listen to the normal “don’t you think your a little old to have that done” blah blah from different friends and family. I had almost changed my mind.

Anyhow – while shopping for belly button rings for my daughter the urge to have it done came on quick. We checked out and I drove to the tattoo and piercing studio in town. I was a little scared. My turn came up and it was the same guy that had done hers.

He cleaned the area good and marked the entry and exist for the needle. I laid down on the table he clamped the area. I was thinking – “that wasn’t to bad” – then oh! The pain!

He had a hard time getting the needle thru the skin. I turned and glared at my girl and said – “you lied it does hurt!” Next thing I knew it was all over I looked down at it happy that I had done it.

It’s been done for 6 weeks today. I follow the cleaning instructions plus I soak it in sea salt once a day haven’t had a problem yet. Your never too old to have a piercing but if you had a surgery thru the naval make sure the person doing the piercing knows that.

Scare tissue is hard to go thru. Thanks to my daughter for her support thru it all and it’s fun shopping for new rings together!

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