You did what?

By Goldameir, from New York.

I’ve been dying to get my belly button pierced since forever but i never really had the time to do so because I’m always to busy.

The only time I could do so was last week which was our christmas break. I’m from a veeeery strict family nd a navel piercing is totally out of the question but i got it pierced anyways haha.

For weeks I searched all over the internet nd found a descent place not so far away from my house. When i got there it kinda freaked me out with all the wierd gothic designs everywhere. a very sweet lady asked me what she could do for me nd i told her i wanted to get my belly button pierced. she told me to wait for a few minutes because there were a lot of people that day. after 20 minutes she called me nd told me it was my turn.

The guy who pierced me was sam nd he looked very descent really. He told me that the piercing would tke like 3 to 4 months to heal, it depends on how i take care of it nd that i have to wash it twice a day nd put salt sulotion on it. after that he ten got prepared the materials nd put this wierd thing to hold the skin on my belly button then he marked it and BAM stuch the needle in.

It hurt but when I looked down taada it was done. i couldn’t believe it was that fast nd when i showed my brother he just said “U did what?” nd laughed. he just tole me to make sure nothing goes wrong with me or he’ll kill me haha but i love it and it looks so perfect 🙂


  1. Hi this is jeremy i had my belly buttton pierced and it came out and i want to get it done but my mom won/t let me get it done because she dose not like it

  2. im suppose to be gettin mine done 2morrow then i started 2 have second thoughts about gettin it bcuz i was scared tht it was gonna hurt but afta readin this it made mhe want it again 😛 tanks

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