x2 Piercingss :)

By Abby D, from Liverpool.

I was about 11 when i wanted my belly button pierced and my mum wouldnt let me :( so when i turned 14 i got my first piercing on holiday.

I kept saying to my mum ‘is it done, is it done’ then she sed Yeahh. ii didnt feel a thing apart from a cold bar on me belly button. After a few months i was in the shower and seen my belly bar on the floor thinking it just fell out but then i looked and the skin that goes over the bar had come off, it wasnt bleeding it just had this wierd looking hole in my skin.

After that i didnt want to get it done again, but i did an this time its healed. I Got it done about 4 months ago and its still healing now unfortunatly. I can change the bar but it hurts when i put a dangly bar in :(. But it was my birthday today so i decided to get another piercing but didnt know where, i was thinking my nose or eyebrow but the thought of it getting infected on my face wasnt very pleasant so i decided to get a random place pierced and thought of the bottom of my belly button, s i went to the same place where i got the top done and he done it for me. i think it looks wierd but in a nice way.

Hopefully this one heels nicely and i have no problems with it. The bottom did hurt abit more than the top but it is worth it. Mainly the only reason why i wanted it doing was because i like it when you wear a vest top and you can see the dangly bars hanging down but im worryied that it might get infected if my top belly bar keeps nocking the bottom. Ive got my top one caught a couple of times and i think thats why it fell out in the first place so it might happen to the bottom, but the man who pierced it said it will have a less chance getting infected than the top because ther is more skin over the bar.

So Good Luck To Me :))


  1. They gave you both of the belly rings or you changed them becasue they are so cute. I want both of my pierced on Christmas this year.

  2. I have mine done twice like this i have had them done for 5 years i didnt feel the top but the bottom hurt quite bad and after 5 years it got infected im cleaning it good i still to this day make sure they are clean but it had fell out and i didnt know about it so i put one back through it and it is killijg me now

  3. Super cute and sexy and I wish I had your green bar in my belly!!!:D. I’m a guy and I want mine done super bad but I’m too afraid my parents will find it!!! But believe me I wish I could see yours in person it looks so super awesome!!! And get your nose pierced 2!!! That’s one of the sexiest piercings in my opinion!!!

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