With pain she goes QUACK!

By Janay, from Jacksonville.

My name is Janay and this is my story!

Wanting starts here.
Well I wanted to get my belly pierced when I was 13. I was so excited when my mom said yes, and it took so much effort to convince my dad. Then my mom did the unthinkable and told my grandma. (Insert screams of rage here)

Well my grandmother of course was against the whole thing and then my dad when and sided with her. Well I let it die then swearing I’d get the piercing one way or another. Sweet sixteen comes around and I ask for it again. Mom agrees, dad denies, and the fussing and fighting begins. Such a sour sweet sixteen. Well boom I’m now 18 (thank god) and I don’t live with my rentals anymore. So I came to visit my grandmother in NYC and that’s where I got it.

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge…
I and my grandma have different views when I come to just about everything! Well that day started off where I got up and went to my uncle’s house to clean for money. She calls me later in the day and we started rguing over the phone (fight number three thousand and…..) Well at the end I just called a friend and I’m like “Hey you free?” She confirmed she wasn’t doing anything so we met up and I ask her to talk me to a place where they do piercings.

So we do a 10 min walk up a couple of blocks and come to a store that sells clothes and jewelry and in the back was a tattoo shop. (Anyone else think that’s super weird…? Or is it just me?) The guy knew my friend so I was able to get a small discount. He led me into a back room where there was nothing but a sink and a cubby… (I looked at him and said ghetto much lol)

Distract why don’t you?
Okay I’ll admit… I’m terrified of needles! I don’t like em. Never have, never will. But that’s bad because besides my belly I still have 4 piercings to go. (my lip (possibly snake bites) my tongue, third earring hole, and industrial) So as I leaned against the wall yea… I was freaking out. I turned to my friend and was like “Um talk to me…” !and I watched him mark my stomach and then peel the needle out of its package. She goes “So Janay is your siblings coming up to New York as well.” I open my mouth to reply and all that comes out is a ugh with a slight scream. She kept trying to talk to me so I don’t look down. Three painful pinches and boom! It was in. The piercer kept teasing me saying that I went quack. It was a fun experience.

Staying pretty and perfect
He said to clean it daily. Since I didn’t have any extra money to buy the spray I clean it twice a day one with peroxide and salt water. I also put aloe on it to help the healing process. I haven’t gotten an infection yet. He says it take a while for it to heal but if I get impatient (which I have) I can change my belly ring in 6 weeks. (I can’t wait for those 6 weeks to be over!)

Well where are we now
Well my gram hasn’t found out that I have had my belly pierced. (Thank god) She would probably make me take it out, which would suck because my tummy is still sore. I haven’t stared my belly ring collection yet (I’m hoping William will help me with that part…) but I’m super excited to start. I want to say thank you to you all for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it!




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