Why Choose a Reverse Belly Ring?

Reverse Belly RingsReverse belly rings are gaining in popularity, especially among those who have fairly deep piercings. Navel piercings can sometimes be a little too deep and an ordinary ring can pull down on the belly button and cause a little discomfort. Reverse belly rings are designed to hang over or above the actual belly button and that makes them much comfier to wear than any other belly ring.

Other Advantages to Wearing Reverse Rings

As well as being generally more comfortable to wear, reverse belly rings are also less likely to catch on everyday objects. Many accidents have occurred where people have caught their belly rings on something and it has ripped the ring out causing a lot of pain! With reverse rings they do not hang as low down and therefore they are less likely to catch on anything.

You will also find a large number of fashionable designs too. From tribal to flowers and butterflies to original bars, there is literally something to suit everyone. Also, if you have a crooked navel piercing then you can make it look straighter by purchasing a reverse twisted design belly ring. The twisted design draws the attention away from the piercing itself and makes all wonky piercings look straight!

Many people opt for a tribal style ring. This sits just above the navel and it almost looks like a tattoo. It is incredibly popular, especially among the 18-25 age range. If you are slightly older and you are looking for a reverse belly ring that will compliment you then you may want to look into simple bar style rings. However there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear a feminine butterfly design too. Most reverse belly rings will suit people of all ages so it is mainly a question of what you feel most comfortable wearing as to which design you should opt for.

Overall reverse belly rings do make a great alternative to ordinary rings. They are comfortable, they look great and they are fairly inexpensive too.

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