Wholesale belly rings

The more belly rings you buy, the less you pay!

Wholesale Belly Rings

It’s easy – check out wholesale belly rings on the Net, order the ones you think people will find attractive and offer your customers the latest trendy belly jewelry. They’ll certainly spread the word around!

Whether you have a piercing studio or accessories shop it is crucial to have always something new in stock. Even if you’re a business owner and have a jewelry shop catering for traditional jewelry – earrings, rings, chains and beads, give it a slight consideration. Navel piercing has become conventional and more and more women choose it as body adornment.

Of course, when buying navel jewelry wholesale you want to get the best deal, don’t you?

So the main things to consider when looking for a good wholesaler might be the following:

  • reliability of the seller (nobody wants to loose money – I bet you neither),
  • price of belly rings,
  • quality,
  • delivery service,
  • assortment of the products,
  • minimum amount to qualify for purchase…
  • …I haven’t bought in bulk and can’t tell after my own experience. Have a look at the body jewelry sellers who sell wholesale belly rings – these are the websites I’ve found and think they’re good:-)PainfulPleasures.comhave 2 levels of wholesale pricing – for minimum orders starting at 100$ and 500$. The $100 level is called “Wholesale” and the $500 level – “Distributor”. Sure thing – buying as a distributor you’ll get even lower prices!

    I checked the prices and was a bit stunned…The are many belly rings for $0.1, $0.15 and like that…In fact, the spreadsheet contained a number items that cost $0 (I guess, it must be an error:-)Worth checking out!


    is a South Korea Piercing Corporation’s online store. Website is nice, prices are low – I found belly rings for $0.41! They’ll ship the wholesale belly rings within 24 h since the payment is made and offer different options – if you buy more than $299 you’ll get the stuff delivered for FREE in 4 – 7 business days!


    sells really cheap in retail and I guess their wholesale body jewelry prices are very attractive, too. I just couldn’t check them because they required me to register as a business to access the wholesale section:-)


    is located in the States and will ship within the U.S. for $12.95 as a minimum using UPS service and internationally for $39.99 using postal service.The minimum purchase amount is $100 and spending more than $250 and $500 you’ll save 5% and 10 % respectively. Browsing around this wholesale belly rings store I found some bulk deals – the more you buy, the less you pay for one item; clearance deals where you can get stainless steel belly rings with various logos for $0.80 per piece (acrylic ones, of course, will cost by far less) etc.

    Check out what MonsterSteel.com president Gustavo Mitchell has to say about
    choosing the right wholesale body jewelry distributor!

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