Who says you cant be sterile at home?

Sent in by Rachel from Texas.

I’m 15, from a conservitive, christian family. Boring! Ever since I was 12, I wanted a belly button piercing. It wasn’t difficult for me to find out that my parents would never allow me to get one. So I was stuck to wait untill I was 16, as was the law in the state I lived in. But when I was 14, my parents announced we were moving to Texas, where you must be 18 without parental consent. Que sad music!

A year past of living there, and I still wanted my belly button pierced. One of my two best friends had it, and it made me want it even more.

I had been dating a boy for about 7 months. he didn’t want me to pierce it, so I had been putting it off. but when we broke up, that was the first thing I could think of to do. So I got some amazon money, ordered a stainless steel belly ring, forceps, and 50 serrilized 14 gauge needles, and did a whole bunch of research. I learned everything I needed to know, from the procedure, to aftercare, to the possibilities of it coming out and leaving a scar. I wasready by the time my package came.

I marked the points of entry and exit, washed my belly button and hands, put the clamps on, and got the ring ready. but when I tried to put the needle through, it hurt way more than I expected! So I took it out, feeling sad. I waited a few weeks to make sure everything was healed, and I tried again. but this time, I took an asprin an hour before hand. I was succesful! And now I love my belly ring, it healed with no infections, and my parents ended up not caring. I even pierced my other best friends navel for her! I can see myself with a belly ring in even when I’m 40!

Note from Admin: Thanks to Rachel for sending in her story, but I must advise (as I always do) that if you want to get pierced, visit a professional! 

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