What to Expect When Getting Your Belly Button Pierced

What to expect when getting your belly pierced

You may be thinking about getting your belly button pierced or just curious about this particular piercing in general. Well, we’re here to help! Step-by-step, here’s what you can expect from a belly piercing.

The first step in getting any piercing done is to choose your piercer. It’s EXTREMELY important to find a professional piercer who uses clean and sterile piercing equipment. Also, make sure that you see examples of the piercer’s work if at all possible to assure that he or she will be able to give you a piercing you’re happy with.

Once you’ve chosen your piercer, the next step in usually to choose your jewelry. Most piercing shops will have a variety of captive belly rings or curved barbells for you to choose from for your first piercing but will probably let you bring your own jewelry with you instead if you prefer to do so. It’s not recommended to start off with dangly, over-intricate jewelry because it increases the chances of the jewelry getting caught which can affect the healing process and cause a good deal of pain as well. Note that belly piercings take a bit of time to heal so, when choosing your jewelry, be sure to choose something you wouldn’t mind keeping in for awhile. Bioplast belly rings, for example, are super body-friendly and also look great!

Belly button piercing freezing spray

As for Ethyl Chloride or “freezing spray”, it’s not typically considered safe practice for your piercer to use it to perform your piercing. The way Ethyl Chloride works is by drawing the heat out of the applied area of your body and freezing, quite literally, the tissue. The sensation caused by this can be pretty intense and covers up the feeling of the piercing. Unfortunately, this can also damage the tissue it’s applied to, slow the healing process, and even cause frostbite which can then result in itchy, flaking skin or more serious issues. Our recommendation: skip the “freezing spray” whenever possible ❗

Now..time for the piercing! Although everyone’s experience differs a bit based on their body, their piercer, the piercing equipment used, and numerous other factors, the majority of people who have had a belly piercing done seem to agree that it’s a moderate pain level piercing 😉

Very few find the experience intolerable, though most people agree that it hurts a bit. For a lot of us, an ear (earlobe) piercing is something we can relate to. In terms of that, a belly piercing will typically hurt a little more because the needle has to travel through a bit more tissue and the process usually lasts just a moment longer. Don’t be intimidated by this, however! Many people find the clamps or forceps that hold the skin in place more painful than the needle and the needle itself only takes a quick second to pass through the skin. After that, all that’s left is to put your new jewelry in! You may feel some pressure as the jewelry goes in but then you’re finished and ready to show off your new piercing!

Once you have your new piercing, it’s time to begin the aftercare process to make sure you keep the piercing healthy and healing! Avoid clothing and belts that rest tightly on, add pressure to, or cause friction to this piercing. Breathable bandages under the clothing can help to minimize rubbing of clothing against the piercing in order to prevent unnecessary irritation. Stay away from scratchy, itchy materials and stick to softer, perhaps looser fitting clothes. Also, be sure to check out our full piercing aftercare guide for details on how to keep your piercing in tip top shape!

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