What Makes a Reverse Belly Ring Different?

Reverse Belly RingsHave you seen reverse belly rings but you are not entirely sure what they are or how they work? If so then you have come to the right place.

Here you will find out exactly how reverse belly rings may benefit you. That will hopefully help you to make a more knowledgeable choice when it comes to choosing the best navel ring for you.

Understanding What Reverse Belly Rings Are

The main thing to know about a reverse belly ring is that they are simple belly rings only they fit in a different way. Instead of hanging from the bottom, a reverse belly ring will hang from the top of the navel; therefore giving it a slightly different look. Some people find that this style is more visually appealing than other belly ring styles and they do come in a lot of different designs to suit all tastes.

Another good thing about a reverse ring is that it will be harder to catch it on anything while you are wearing it. This can be a particular worry for many people as the pain that would come from catching the piercing could be unbearable. The way that the ruing hangs over the navel does make it much harder to catch on any object. So if you want a safer style of belly button ring then a reverse ring is definitely advisable!

If you are looking to make a fashion statement then the reverse tribal ring will suit you. It has a stylish tribal pattern that sits just above the navel. It looks really good and it is one of the most popular styles available today. Another good choice is the flower designs. They look colourful and they add a touch of femininity too.

Overall reverse belly button rings are great for anybody who is worried about catching the ring on everyday objects. They do not hang as low as other belly rings do and so you should not have much of a problem with them. They are also great for anybody who has a deep navel piercing as often ordinary rings can pull on the belly button, making them uncomfortable to wear.

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