What inspired me about belly button piercings!

By Cindy from Ohio.

My big sister mila inspired me to get my belly button pierced, She told me it didn’t hurt so I asked my parents they said they will have to think about cause im only 14 years old so the next week or so I was allowed.

So i was about to go to the shop to get it done at Earth And Moons. Thats were my sister got heres done so I decided to it only costed $60.00 so not bad and the girl that did it she was so nice she even waited for me to get ready and stuff.

So she got the clampers out and then she got the need she said breath in 1 breath and then let go when I tell you and she did it twice and it worked perfectly and it took a week to two weeks to heal but after all its really cute.

She gave me instuctions on how to keep it clean and stuffand where to ge tbelly button rings but every where I look they are too exspensive so I only got one belly ring and I try to keep it as clean as possible.It is very pretty now and thank you guys so much.


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