What an EXQUISITE navel piercing experience!

By Juliana from Illinois.
I’ve wanted to get my belly button pierced for years, but I had to wait it out since my parents disapprove of any tattoos/ piercings ( besides ears) .

I am now a freshman in college, and excited to experience a bit more freedom. I knew that I wanted to get my piercing done my first semester but there was one factor holding me back; I was a broke college kid.

I already knew the place that I wanted to go to before I left for school. I was referred by a trusted tattoo artist back in the Chicagoland area where I’m from. He reccomended Exquisite Tattoo & Piercing in Bloomington, Illinois. About a month before I got the piercing done, I went in to meet the piercer and ask questions and discuss tattoos and piercings in general.

The shop was beyond sanitary, and had a very welcoming feel to it. I figured winter would be the best time to get the piercing to allow it time to heal for summer, so I went at the beginning of December. They had a great selection of Titanium jewelry with beautifully colored ems. The starting price was $65 and I had a $10 off coupon.

At this shop, they were able to ( oxidize I think is the proper word? ) the jewelry to change the color of the bar. Mine was turned into an electric purple and it had an iridescent green gem. The piercer, Jamie, put the jewelry into a machine that printed out a card to clarify that the jewelry was sanitary then we went back to the room.

She took her time to make sure that the piercing laid at the proper angle ( I have an oddly shaped belly – button ) so she took about a half hour. I could tell that she was very dedicated to getting the job done correctly, I really admired that. She did not use a clamp, but the piercing did not hurt. She had me very calm and it just felt like pressure not pain.

I still get a bit of redness here and there, but overall the piercing seems to be healing very well! I would reccomend Exquisite to anybody. Their prices may seem higher, but you will know that your piercing is top notch quality.

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