What a long day it was……

Submitted by Jasmine from Birmingham, AL.

I don’t know exactly when I decided that I wanted a belly ring , but I know I really wanted one! I told my big brother and he told me that he would take me. Then one day, he was like he will only take me if my momma say its ok. We both knew she wouldn’t agree but he asked her anyway and of course her first response was no. I was upset but I said I was gonna get it anyway.

Then one day me and my momma was having a conversation about it and I said I really want it and she was like I just don’t think that is something I should pay for. I assured her that she wouldn’t have to pay 4 it and she was like I was on my own with it. Then I told my brother and we agreed that when I got the money we would go and get it done. So one day my bff texted me and said that a local tattoo shop was having a discount day and I was like I have to go.

I told my brother about it and he said we were gonna go, I just had to find the 15 dollars. My homegirl agreed to give me the money and I made my appointment. Te day finally came and I was so anxious and excited and nervous! My other homegirl was gonna get hers done 2 and we agreed that we weren’t gonna have any communication until we both had our belly rings!

My appointment was at 1 and I was running a little late because my brother took awhile coming to get me. He picked me up and my bff, who was going with me to get it on camera, and we went and got gas, right after putting gas into the car! The brakes went out cause we had no brake fluid. So we had to go back home and try and find brake fluid. My brother had some but it was locked up in his car (we were borrowing someone else’s car) we kept trying to find some but we were unlucky! I was starting to get very upset!

Then we asked our neighbors did they have any and they did. I was so happy and we put the brake fluid in. We got there and we got it done and im so excited!

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