Well worth the study & arguing & wait :)

By Jacinda from New South Wales.
013_fbuwhen i was a baby my um got her belly pierced, i had always like the look of it but didn’t really ask about me getting mine pierced till i was 14.

i had asked because a fair few girls in my grade had got them done for the summer and as they were younger than me i thought mum would say yes. this was not the case…she went insane. she told me i was too young and the piercing would stretch when i grew.
after that i would look on the internet proving my mother’s statements wronng and in the end my father was the voice of reason, after almost two years.
i was to get it done that spring, two years of arguing was going to pay off.
as the date grew close i asked some friends about their experiences and where they got theirs done. they all got theirs done at the same place, where i went.
i went to get my belly pierced with mum, she signed all the papers and i picked out my jewelry, dark blue, double gem barbell.

i was then taken into this little room where she marked me up, and then i was told to ay down. at this point my eyes were closed, she had put the clamp on me and was very happy i was breating correctly.
she told me i was going to feel a small pinch and a second later i felt the iggest pinch! once that was over she told me i was done, so i was dumb enough to relax, she still had to put the jewelry in. that hurt the most, as painful as the pinch but it lasted longer. once the top ball was screwd on she put some anti bacterial gel on it and bandaged it up, i had to wait a half hour to see my piercing.

i was given a small information slip about how to take care of it. i took care of it as per the instructions but i give it a good clean everynight in the shower with teatree oil.
i am looking foward to taking in out in a few months and i love the piercing, no regreats! 🙂

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