Wearing Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Pregnancy Belly Button RingsWhile it may seem wrong to many people, wearing pregnancy belly button rings can actually be a good idea throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

Obviously if you do not want to keep wearing a belly button ring after you have given birth then it is not as important to keep it in throughout the pregnancy. However, if you want to keep your piercing then it is vital that you purchase pregnancy belly button rings to keep the piercing open.

Using Belly Button Rings throughout Pregnancy

You may not have the same amount of choice as you would with ordinary belly rings when you are looking for pregnancy belly button rings. This is because the idea of the rings during pregnancy is to simply keep the piercing open. The naval piercing will have expanded and so you need a ring that is long enough and comfortable enough to wear. So most pregnancy belly rings are bar designs.

One option which you may want to consider is the PTFE pregnancy belly ring. You can cut the piercing to size as and when it is needed and you just screw the balls onto the end once you have finished. The best thing about this type of belly ring is that it can also be worn when you have your scans. Other rings may interfere with the scan but a PTFE won’t.

It is usually the sixth month that your tummy fully expands and pushes your original piercing out. So you should purchase pregnancy belly button rings from as early as the fifth month.

Overall pregnancy belly rings are definitely worth purchasing if you plan on keeping your piercing. Stick to a bar ring and if possible purchase a PTFE one for maximum comfort. Wearing a belly button ring during pregnancy is not always a cosmetic decision, it also makes sense if you want to avoid the pain associated after the piercing has closed and it comes time to insert the ring again.

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