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By Christina from California.
Christina's Belly Piercing I was 15 and i really wanted to get my belly buttton pierced.i would ask my mom and dad everyday if i could get it done and she as well as my dad would say no.I continued to ask for over months and months.

It was december it was my cousins birthday and her mom was letting her get her belly button pierced.Finally my aunt convinced my mom into letting me and my sister get our belly button pierced.

We all went to monkeys togo to get it done.We walked into the shop and my mom was scared walking in.She would just look around with a scared face.My cousin was the first to get it done we were all watching from outside.It was my turn i walked into the room and when i had just walked in my mom screams “NO”

I turn around confused and she tells me i am not going to get it pierced.I was super mad.My sister and me stoped talking to her.We got home slamed are door and went to sleep.We were super mad.The next weeks we didnt really talk to her.

It was summer and i had forgot about the whole belly button piercing.My dad brother and yougest sister had gone to kanssas for vacation me and my sister couldnt because we had cheer practice all summer.One day my mom askes me if i want to get my belly button pierced.I have a huge smile on my face when she tells me that.Isay YES!!!!!

The reason she takes me is because my dad is out of town and he would be the one to get mad.I decided to go to monkeys to go to get it done.i end up piercing the bottom of my bellly button.I just wanted to be diffrent then most girls.i later want to get my top belly button pierced.But i might have to wait till im 18 because my mom told me the day i got my belly button pierced that that was the only piercing she would let me get.Thats my story 🙂

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