Waited for so long!

By Lily, from Dayton, OH.

I’ve wanted my belly button pierced since I was about 14. My mom let me get my cartilage pierced, but she still refused to let me get my belly button pierced, which made me kind of angry because she let my sister get her belly button and tongue pierced when she was 14.

I let it go for a while because I’m an athlete and row and run a lot so I was worried about my piercing not being able to heal. So for about two years I went on and off again from wanting it to not wanting it.

Finally when I was sixteen my mom agreed to let me get it pierced. I was still worried about my sports, but I thought hey you only live once. So a little over a week ago we went to the piercing place with my friend. I picked out a clear double gem and he brought me back, cleaned my stomach, and marked the holes. I laid down and he clamped my stomach.

I had heard that the clamp hurts alot, but I really didn’t feel anything at all. My mom was looking at me with this freaked out disgusted look on her face and my friend hel my hand. He told me to breath in and he pushed the needle through. I felt it exit more than I felt it enter. It honestly didn’t hurt that bad! If you’re scared of the pain, don’t be. It hurt less than my cartilage, and it kind of just felt like my skin was being stretched.

My mom even said it looked really cute and she liked it after she looked at it. She said she didn’t think she would like it as much as she did!

My piercer told me to clean it 4 times a day with dial antibacterial soap and saline solution (like contact solution). It wasn’t really sore at all afterwards either. I had a lifegaurd class two days later, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to go in the water, but I cleaned it very well afterwards and it was okay. It was also okay with exersizing. I can run and do ab work and pretty much everything. Four days later I left for a spring training intense rowing trip, and it was still okay even with 7 hours a day of training! So if you’re super sporty crazy like me, don’t worry, just be careful not to snag it while your exersizing (I did that only a few times, but it does hurt when you do get it caught!). So far no problems and I hope it stays that way.

If you’re thinking of getting it done, go for it!

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  1. you really should be careful because when i got mine done i DID “snag” it alot and if you do that it can ACTUALLY pull right through the skin esp with dangly ones! I would only wear those for special occasions not while doing anything active just to be safe because mine ripped right out at work and i was left with a huge scar, now that i got it repierced i have to be very caucious.

  2. Wow…. Your bellys beautiful what kina excersises do u do u bellys like really tone the belly ring fits you perfectly….beautiful

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