Vanessa Hudgens’s Belly Piercing

Paige from Doncaster just sent in the picture of Vanessa Hudgens sporting a belly ring. And who’s she with, can you guess?

Vanessa Hudgens's Belly Piercing

But of course – who else than Zac Efron!

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  1. Hey i like those rings 😀 i wanna know how can i get one (: i’m from mexico! i wanna know some prices and how can i have’em 😀 Answer please!

  2. I don’t like Vannesa when she got her belly peired u know why b/c she looks hot without one, but having her belly pierced makes her looks slutty and trashy and she used to be a good girl before but not anymore!! :p

  3. Umm I have the same on and it should be at the local tattoo or piercing place u usually get to choose what you like (:

  4. Meu nome é Daiane Silva eu vou por um piercing no umbigo e olha que eu tenho minhas gordurinhas,mais a vanessa hidgens tem a barriga sarada e nela fica lindoOoOoO,um piercing pendurado ficava melhor aindaAaAaA

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