Unusual but wouldn’t change it

by Tim

(London England)

ok so here’s a brand new story- because I’m a guy, yeah i know what you may be thinking and that’s fine, i don’t mind- don’t judge me till you have heard the story, that’s all i ask.

so here it is my name is Tim (I’m not like ashamed about this) ok I’m currently 17 yrs old, and seeing a person called Jo, who is amazing i will also add, when she was 15 she got her belly button pierced, then about 4 months on she meet me, we went out for a few weeks and she said i should get my ear pierced which i didn’t but then when we went down to new quay and there was a guy there with a navel piercing, and she was like wow, that’s cool, she said she always thought it would be sexy though never really thought it would be in reality, so she encouraged me to get it done.

And on impulse in under 2 hours it was done, and not painfully, i was very happy with it. That was all while we were 15 no 17 (almost 18) i have a large collection of bar bells, and even odder some times me and Jo swap rings (which i wouldn’t advise they may infect your piercing- it happened to us, though we do it now still any way) she still finds it hot, and have had other girls say they like it because no guys have it done, so its brave(not in the pain factor) they really like it, and i wouldn’t change it now and plan to keep it for as long as well who knows.

guys tend to say its weird, was bullied about it at skl but then, the supposed hard guy got it done because he saw that the girls liked it, and well no one else has but it soon shut the other guys up- doesn’t bother me away.

to sum up- love it great would say to anyone get it done.

Now say what you think- i do want to know
Tim & Jo thanks for making me do this- one of the best decisions i have made- to date i have not pierced my ear, but have had my nipple pierced good not as good as the belly button though.
(oh in case your wondering Jo, me & ‘the hard guy’ didn’t find it painful, glow in the dark bar bells are good fun as well)

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