Torn to pieces…

By Charlotte, Manchester

Belly Button Piercing

I was really excited because after 1 year of nagging i was finally allowed to get my belly button peirced at the age of 13. I went into town with my mum and i was shaking and felt really scared. 😯

My mum had to sign afew forms and i signed it. I read on the letter she gave me, possible problems: 1- heavy bleeding 2- Redness and soreness 3- crusty discolouring 4- blood disease and there was a massive big list of all the things that can go wrong with it.

I had wanted it for so long, I wasn’t the kind of person to just give up! So I went ahead, into the small clean room and met a woman called Alex, she told me there was nothing to worry about. I calmed down and grabbed my mums hand, she counted to 3, in it went, no pain at all just a pin prick.

2 weeks later it started swelling up around the top ball and it was turning red, it started bleeding loads, I started washing it three times a day and my skin was really irritated. My belly button looked so pretty when I first got it and I really don’t understand how this happened.

I think I was allergic to the metal. Anyway in the next week (3 weeks after my peircing) the skin around it started cracking and getting really sore. Soon the skin in between the 2 shiny pink balls had split in half. I was devestated. 😡

It had looked beautiful the week I had got it, I took care of it and everything! My mum put said it was because I had been messing around with it, but I hadn’t even touched it, I was freaked out by the letter and I knew I was going to follow Alex’s instuctions to care for it properly. It was my worst peircing experience EVER, (I only ever had my ears peirced at 6 months!) I was totally devestated. It had looked so pretty before and its a mess now. 🙁


  1. my friend did mine for me using a 14 gauge needle and it was fine for like the first month, i was just cleaning it w salt water anddddd i used claires ear piercing cleaner to get all the bacteria off. but the ring was really crappy(from hot topic) so i got one that was actual medal and now its fine………….

  2. aww,sorry to hear that! im turning 13 and im getting my belly pierced in two weeks! hopfully this dosen’t happen to me!! 🙂

  3. I to had that happen, as soon as I went to bioflex bars it cleared up, I have never used steel bars since, try it.

  4. i had my belly button done for 12 months i think anways
    iv baned it so many times the skin riped and the other day my belly button riped out and now theres 2 bubles beside eachother should i get my dad to pop them like he sayed its not infeted … i used poxcide and now im useing bactine and banids to help it heal quicker

  5. mine got infected because i was stupid and changed it like the first week i got it then i put the ring that was put in after i got it done back in and i cleaned it with salt water and ive had it for 3 years and its been fine since.

  6. iv had my bellybutton done a month now, and nothing has gone wrong so far 🙂 it is red, and white stuff is coming out of it but iv read in manyarticles that it is supposed to be like that, i clean my bellybutton with diluted savalon salution and i suppose it is working great 🙂 im just hoping that it wont get infected for the summer 😛

  7. when i was 18 my mother and i went and got our bellybuttons pierced at the same time..we followed the directions of cleaning and everything but my belly got infeced just like yours and split right between the balls also it was horrible..but my moms is doin great and looks awsome..after a year i wanted it done again so i did and the same thing happened again! my piercer says that there is just some people whose skin cant handle it and it just happens..but now im thinking about goin and getting the bottom pierced and see how that goes. lets hope it works out this time..(3rd times the charm)

  8. well i had first gotten mine done in the summer i followed all the girls instructions cleaned it everyday then it just started turning red at the top and stay red then it started to leave crust behind so i picked at it and it started to leave a bubble so my mom a nurse put a safety pin needle threw it and pulled up and the bubble popped then a few weeks after it never stopped hurting.i pulled it on someones belt and it bled alot .now it still had red around it and it has been a year i don’t really care anymore i change it and clean it and ill leave it be

  9. heyy…ya i did my belly myself actually, with a friend we used a 14 gauge needle and im have a super metal allergy but i just left it and kept cleaning it and dfealing with the pain and it eventually healed…after a year, but it looks beautiful now, try using a plastic ring

  10. hey! sorry to hear about that. i had mine done 4 weeks ago. then 2 weeks after i got it done, the area around my belly button developed a rash and it bleed once when i clean it (probably i caught it before i clean it). i followed the instruction of cleaning my belly button twice a day, using salt-water and tea tree oil. the jewellery is titanium so it is a good jewellery. i think i’m allergic to tea tree oil. i went back to my piercer, and she suggest me not to use tea tree oil, just use salt-water. i also asked my friends and they said salt-water is the best for any piercings. when i had the rash, my belly button did swell up and it was horrible. i felt like i wanna take the jewellery out but i didn’t. i got some sudocrem and apply the cream after i clean my belly button (using salt-water). i stop using tea tree oil but keep using salt-water to clean it, and 5 days later the rash had gone. i still clean it twice a day. i think your case was kinda like mine but it went wrong. your shouldn’t clean it 3 times a day cos it will irritate your skin. i cleaned it 3 times a day for the first week, then twice a day after. you need to make sure what kind of metal of your jewellery is cos if it is nickle, then you probably allergic to it but i’m sure your piercer won’t give you nickle jewellery for your first piercing. it should be either gold or titanium.

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