too much skin on belly bar !!!

By Jade from Durham.

i had gone to get my belly done at the beggining of the year and my piercer had done it wrong as the skin had covered the whole bar and unfortunatly it inbeded into my belly.

the woman had said it was fine and it was just swelled up abit. my mam and dad had realised it only after a couple of days of getting it done and my dad had to take it out for me and i was in so much pain. everyone at school was shocked and how stupid is this i got it done again and i need to keep it hidden from school so i need a stretchy bar.

Okay, i got my bellybutton pierced I have been using this spray stuff that the piercer gave me, my belly button was red though. But keep in mind that I cleaned my belly button 6 times a day , is that too much though?Like, should I should have start using that soap stuff… and keep using the spray But my belly button was red I didnt know if it was infected, but like think about it obviously should be red right.. cause i just got a pin shoved through it.. right..

i thought my elly was infected but it was just because of the way it got pierced so when i go back i am telling her one of my friends stories that had happened to her.

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  1. mine looks exactly the same, & mine also went under the skin! i just got a longer bar and now its fine & healed in weeks 🙂

  2. Yes i think you are washing it to much. Cause you keep touching it and maybe you also irritating it. Reason being its turning red.

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