Titanium Belly Rings – The Best Belly Rings Around!

If you are looking for a belly ring that will really last then titanium belly rings are what you need! Made from the toughest metal around, if you choose a titanium ring it will last for years.

However, just because they are extremely durable, it does not mean that the rings aren’t stylish too. When you picture titanium you often think of something thick, grey and dull. Titanium belly rings are nothing like that and if anything they can look extremely fashionable.

Light and Comfortable

You would imagine the toughest metal around to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. However, titanium belly rings are actually quite light. In fact, they are at least 50% lighter than stainless steel belly rings. This makes them really comfortable to wear.

Another advantage that titanium rings have over any other type is that they do not seem to cause any skin reaction at all. Many belly rings cause the skin to be irritable and many people come out in a rash. This tends to be because they are plated. Titanium belly rings aren’t plated and so they do not cause the same irritability that other rings do. The colours are created through the oxidation process.

When titanium is oxidised it changes colour the higher the voltage that is used. So to create yellow for example, the creator may have to use a higher or lower voltage than they would to create a blue color.

Overall they come in a range of colors, they are easier to wear and they look really good too. What’s more, they are just as cheap as stainless steel rings so you do not have to pay out any extra for the added benefits! What more could you ask for in a belly ring?

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