Titanium belly ring is one of the best options for navel jewelry

Light, strong and body-friendly – this is titanium

In fact, between titanium belly ring and stainless steel belly ring there’s no difference in price. Then why not buy a belly button ring made of the hardest metal known? Even though you won’t subject your navel jewelry to rough conditions it’s pleasant to know that you wear a belly button ring made of the highest quality material.

Electric Blue TITANIUM Tiffany Ball Belly Button Ring
Titanium belly ring – click on it to see…

If your skin is sensitive to steel, titanium navel ring is a great option. Usually titanium is polished and looks just like steel. In addition, it weighs about 50% less than steel and comes in loads of colors too.

Don’t worry about colored titanium body jewelry, it isn’t plated – it’s the result of the anodizing process. In this process titanium is subject to high voltage and a thin layer of oxides is grown on the surface of metal. Different voltage gives different color. Colored titanium loses its color over time, but it isn’t dangerous to your belly button piercing.

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Grade 23 Titanium Pink DOUBLE GEM Curved Belly Ring
Titanium belly ring – click on it to see…

Titanium is a great option for your first time belly piercing. This metal won’t react with your body and most people aren’t allergic to it.

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