Thru the skin…

By Krissi.

On the day of March 6, 2010 i got my belly button pierced.

I’ve wanted it for years and finally had the guts to ask my mom (btw I’m 15 yrs old). Not to mention I’m a bit terrified of I kinda figured i would have to go through some pain to get what i want. Like my mom always says it hurts to be beautiful. When my mom gave me her “approval” i started searching for local tattoo and piercing parlors in the area.

I ended up deciding to go to a place called Wonderland Tattoos in St. Clair Shores. The service was great and the place was clean.! And it was only 25 bills outta my pocket. My piercer was a guy named Robert. He was absolutely great in taking care of me that day. I just couldn’t stop smiling. i just kept thinking in my head that i was getting what i wanted all along. Rob had my mom and I sign some papers b/c i’m under age and he talked to me about how to clean my piercing, what to clean it with, how often to clean it, etc. and all that other good stuff.

I was soooo excitd until he took me to a room and told me to lie down on the table. Then the smile just disappeared. You would have thought someone had just brought me some bad news. That’s when he starting telling me not to make any sudden moves and to take 3 deep breaths. When i took my breaths i told him i was ready in a shivery whisper..(haha! i was so scared. wish someone recorded it so i can laugh at how big of a punk i was!) As soon as he had the needle about 5 inches away from my belly i thought i was going to cry like a big baby.

I yelled and told my mom to come and hold my hand but she just sat there and laughed like it was a joke. After a couple of seconds it was then that i realized Rob was done. I barely felt the needle go through. All that complaining and whining for nothing. It was just a itsy bitsy teeny weeny pinch. No pain at all.!
Bring out the cute short cropped belly tops.!

Now I’m just ready for more piercings and tattoos to come in the future…..sweet 16 coming up 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ya when i got mine done i had my dad come in the back with so terrified of i neddles i couldnt stopped sweating..and there was no way for me not to look cuz they have a full body mirrow right in front of you(they had me sitting down)

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