Third Time’s a Charm!

By Esmeralda, from Texas.

Ever since I was 16 I have wanted to have my belly button pierced! But of course my parents were strictly against it! My mom always kept telling me that until I was 18 I could do whatever I wanted with my body. So once I turned 18 the first thing I did was get my belly button pierced!

The first time I got my belly button pierced everything was going great with the healing except that I had not done all of my research on the healing process and always kept touching the piercing and moving it around. Bad idea! Eventually the piercing start to reject and the skin around the jewelry was starting to thin out so I took it out. I was so upset cuz I was very excited about my piercing.

A couple of months after that I decided to get my belly button re-pierced once again. Soon afterwards my boyfriend bought me a really cute belly ring that I couldn’t resist and had to put it on! My piercing still had not healed when I switched out the belly ring to the cute one and I also went to a water park, which id not help my piercing. Once again my piercing started to reject. And I had to take it out.

Now that its been almost a year since I had my last piercing I finally decided to give it one last try! I am currently in college and went to the piercing studio around here that everyone goes to. My boyfriend and I went one Friday afternoon and my piercer was very nice! Her name was Michelle and she explained the whole process to me and showed me all of the equipment. This third time that I got my belly button pierced hurt a lot! The first 2 times it did not hurt at all….but this time since it was all scar tissue it hurt a lot! But right after she put in the belly ring it didn’t hurt as much. The area was red for the first 2 days but it quickly went away.

I’ve had the piercing for only a week and so far everything seems to be going great! I don’t touch it and wash it twice a week with antibacterial soap. I am definitely not doing the same mistakes I did the last two times! And hopefully it heals quickly!


  1. omg I’m going through the same thing right now!! I got mine done the day after my birthday almost a year ago. it stayed red I think and it was into like the 2nd month and it fell out and replaced it before it closed up and it rejected. OK so 4 months go by and I go to another piercer and first told me was that the guy that did it the first time pierced it wrong and I got it done a 2nd time and every thing was going great I was taking care of it I had bought the H2Occean spray and I was cleaning it 2 or 3 times a day and of course the 2nd month came around and it rejected again and it’s going on 4 months since I last got it done and I am attempting and wondering if it would be worth getting it done a third time maybe third times the charm! I say go for it and if it doesn’t work out a third time you can either give up or keep getting it done until it stays I suppose

  2. How iss your ring doing? Ive been through the same thing and I want to try one last time but i hate pain lol.Anyway do you still have it?

  3. how bad does it hurt to get it done the third time truthfully bc im about to get it done again like next week and im so nervous

  4. Omg. Here’s what I’m going throug right now, I got my pierce done like 4 months ago and now, I can see almost the whole ring. The skin in between is really very thin and now I really don’t know what to do. Should I take it off and let it heal? If so, how many weeks or months will it take to fully heal it? And can I actually get it re-pierced? What do I do? Please reply. I really don’t know what to do and I soooo love my belly pierce so much. 🙁

  5. Ha ha great story, your first experance was very simmler to mine. I had to change the bar after 3 months because I needed and MRI and they don’t allow metal in them. I literly cried when I needed to take it out.

    I hope it’s all gorn well and you don’t have to take it out again.

  6. I have a belly button ring and have had it for 11 years. My daughter asked when she was 13 I told her if at 16 she still wanted it we would get it done. The guy who pierced her naval told her how to care for it and she has never had any trouble with it. I am 45 and think that if we as parents give a little when they are younger then they will rebel less later. I would have never allowed her to get it done before her 16th birthday because I wanted her to be sure. I was the one paying 48.00 dollars for it and wanted to be sure she could take care of it. I love it and she loves it.

  7. Hey,

    Thank you for posting this story, it’s a really great read for first timers! It definately teaches them to do a little research and understand how to care for their new navel piercing.
    I’m 21 right now, and I have an appointment in 2 days to get mine done. I was never really into piercings (I have a low pain tolerence and a fear for needles) but my friend has convinced me about a month ago that I should get it done. Since then I’ve been researching it and I used to cringe just reading some stories, but now I can safely watch youtube videos without feeling sick or nautious from watching it. I believe this is a sign that I am ready for this. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  8. did you have any scars left from it closing up? I have a little scar left on mine and i want it done again! did u use anything in particular for scars???

  9. Okay so I’m 12 now and I want it done and my parents said no way but I showed them this “There are many reasons why I believe I should be able to have the right to do what I want with my body to some extent. I am not asking for a large tattoo on my arm or a nose ring. I am asking for a belly button piercing that will rarely be shown to the public. I guess right now you are probably asking Why would she want one if the majority of the people won’t ever see it? To plainly put it, I believe it is a fashion statement and an expression of my individuality. I understand that it is harder for the older generation to comprehend piercings in locations other than the ears. But looking back through history it is obvious that culture has changed significantly since the early and mid 1900s. Society is ever-changing. Twenty to thirty years ago the idea of piercing ones navel was unthinkable, but as those that decided to rebel against society emerged, new fads and styles were developed. In today’s culture it is much more common to practice body modification in not only the ears but also the nose, belly button, tongue, eyebrows…Etc. I hope you recognize my maturity in writing this short paragraph and I hope that now you see my opinion on this subject. And if it provides any comfort I’m not planning to get one until my birthday because even I believe that a belly button piercing at this age is somewhat rushing things. All I’m asking is for you to reconsider your opinions on the matter ” and im allowed it done for my 13th birthday on november 11 2010 woop! and thanks for your advice on what not to do 😉

  10. i know exactly what yu are talkn about… i have been wanting mine done since i was 13 i finally go it do at 16 and it rejected it like yours did and i have had it pierced three times already

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